Monday, February 22, 2010

Zoya Harley

I've been sharing a lot of photos taken with my cell phone and though it does a decent job, it doesn't have a macro setting and it isn't set up for me to take a picture without shaking the crap out of the phone and therefore being super lucky to get an in focus photo. By sheer accident last night, while I was putting my laptop away for sleepy time, I pushed on something and a little plastic insert fell into my hand. It said SD on it and was shaped like a little SD card. I have a different card reader on this stupid laptop that never worked...and I've been struggling to get good photos of my manicures with my phone so I could post at night.


I can now take pictures with my camera and get them on my blog with ease. I swear I am not technologically challenged. This sucker was hidden!!! But you're here for the Polish, we go:

I picked up the Zoya Twist collection back when they were offering the free greens with purchase of $X amount...this was back around the Christmas holiday and I'm just getting around to trying them because I keep buying new stuffs to put into my already overcrammed storage box!!

I bring you my photos of Ms. Harley under incandescent light because my sunset natural light photos from my phone were utter crap. These are true to color, as Harley is a lovely shade of gray with pink shimmer. This gives her a bit of a lavendar hue and makes her interesting for me to look at...otherwise, she'd be gone from my nails because I am not a fan of gray nails. At least, not on me. Take a look:

She's pretty, no?

Kinda boring tho' I'm thinking she need a lil Konad to bring out that pink shimmer.

So happy my laptop can now read the card from my camera! Look at that!!!

So, what should I use to konad her? Time to sort through my plates. Pics to come.

Also coming up: My stash grew by the Milani's I spoke about - all six holos, 2 neons and then a couple a NYC colors. Today I got my orders from 8ty8beauty and Zoya and my surprise polish!!! That will be the next manicure and then I have a surprise on top of that!! So excited to share my favorite from so long ago with you.

My giveaway is soon to be ending so get signed up if you haven't yet! I've enjoyed reading what everyone is looking forward to this year and it's boosted me on some dark days...more health issues and pain, but I'm determined to get better! So keep sharing your happy thoughts with me, they truly make my day. Thank you for being here, for reading my rants and checking out my pictures.
Wishing you all Sparkle, Polish and shine!


  1. Just look at those beautiful nails!!!!! OMG! They look so healthy, and Harley looks beautiful on you =)

  2. Harley is pretty. I would love to see you do a konad with her.

  3. I just got Harley in the mail yesterday. :) Good to see it. Pretty.
    Congrats on getting a camera.

  4. Harley looks awesome on you! Can't believe how long your nails are now! Amazing!

  5. Hehehee! Thanks for all the nail love ladies. Who'da thunk I needed to desire long nails to begin to take my vitamins regularly! Of course everything benefits but my nails are happy and when they aren't, there's Orly Nail Rescue to help them out. :)
    Konad tonight and then some swatches.

  6. Lovely color!
    Good for konad too.
    Looking forward to see what you are going to do with it! =)

  7. Haha that's so funny about your laptop, that exact thing happened to me! I couldn't figure out where the SD card was and I kept looking and looking and then finally my hubby was like "there" and it popped out. Grr!!

    I love this color, can't wait to see you Konad it!

  8. That is SUCH a pretty shade! I *just* placed a Zoya order and I didn't get I'm really regretting it. :(

  9. It's curious, as much as I love shimmer grey and silver on others (and in bottles), I dislike them on me too. I always feel like something is missing. You said "boring", that's the right word. Yet Harey is flattering on your nails and give them a sophisticated allure I love (your thumb nail shape is awesome - just perfect).

  10. Thess: I had a Konadifail last night but I took pics to share, just need to post 'em up.
    Lisa Kate: Even my technologically sophisticated Hubby didn't find this one. It's truly hidden!
    Recessionista: I liked it more each day, and when I post up the pics tonight, you'll see why! (my son strikes again)
    jellynat: This one is more "lavender" in tone and the more I wore it, the more I liked it. Grays can be a nice base for some nail art, but no their own, yes...they truly bore me. Girl I need COLOR!!!


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