Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Barbie in pearls

Hey everyone! I actually have a manicure to post!!! I was going to do something Valentine'sy, but with the pain meds and all the hassle just to get BARBIE to cooperate, I gave up and just went with a fairly basic manicure.

I am not sure I like Zoya very much, but this is only the second one I've worn since taking advantage of the free greens special. Veruschka is lovely, and a sweetheart to put on, but Barbie...well, Barbie is a bitch! She went on gloopy, took forever to dry and then decided to give me hell when I put pearls on her! Borghese Patina Pearl to be concise. Topped them off with Seche Vite and allowed them to dry for HOURS before bedtime and yet still she's wrinkly. However, I did this Mani on Saturday...and it is now Wednesday night. So I am VERY impressed with the wear on this brand. Been pushing paper and ticking along on the keyboard all week!

I just took these photos with my phone camera because my laptop doesn't want to read my camera card. I hate it when technology doesn't work like it's supposed to. Anyway, these are the best I can do tonight so I apologize in advance for crappy photos. The color is true though, so that's a good thing.

Patina Pearl is a gorgeous color and I may one day try to wear her all by herself to see if she does well at 3 or 4 coats. Until then, she made Barbie feel Sexy and that's what I was going for.

Until next time, wishing you color, glitter and gloss!


  1. That is a gorgeous color on you!

  2. why thank you, gildedangel. It's a little less orange and more pink in real life...going to replace it tonight though.

  3. Great colour! I agree putting the pearls on top of it really makes it pop!

  4. peachy pink looks great on you! and the glitter =))) aww

  5. These pictures are NOT very accurate. Barbie is not peachy at all. Barbie is pink as she can be. But that lighting made her look purdy. She's a pretty pink too. I felt a bit sophisticated when I saw her on my fingertips. :)


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