Sunday, February 28, 2010

NYC West Village - Borghese Plumaggio Purple Comparison

I thought these two might be dupes (they're close, but not quite) and thought I'd share pics in case any of you were wondering...or trying to pick only ONE of these two lovelies.
I like them both, but I'm happy enough with N.Y.C.'s price and the color that, had I known, I'd have saved my 8 bucks for some Nubar. LOL :)

Now, BEFORE You look at the pictures, I have to tell you that the length in that last mani was what I like to call "The Breaking Point" and I have a nasty tear on the index finger of my right hand. *tears* So, I got a week more out of the nail with my trusty Orly Nail Rescue, but after doing all the swatching I did Friday night and yesterday, it just wasn't holding well, and I need to give my nail a chance to grow out without making me BLEED. So I chopped 'em all down to a more "work appropriate" length (I can type faster now!) and yet they are still beyond my fingertips and therefore not nubbins. But I will tell ya, my fingers look nubby to me today! LOL. Long nails are slimming, period.

I give you my comparison: I have N.Y.C. West Vilage on index and ring fingers, Borghese Plumaggio Purple on middle and pinkie. My cuticles are dry from all the swatching. They're happy now, but cut me some slack for the next few posts. :)

in different lighting...

and a close up shot so you can see the different shimmer of each. NYC on the left, Borghese on the right

These both applied well, the brush in the Borghese is wider so smaller nail beds will struggle. They both seem to have the same teal base jelly with the shimmer adding the color. Both appear dark blurple but the Borghese has a red shimmer that adds to the effect. Doesn't much matter from a distance, but it's pretty up close. To prove my point:

So, how much are you going to spend for a drug store blurple? 


  1. Wow those colors really are close. I hear ya on the cuticles. Mine are such a mess from all the swatching & packing. I have been putting a heavy cream on them at night - so hopefully they are back to normal in the next few days.

  2. Nice comparison. I can see the red shimmer in the Borghese. :D

  3. I'm totally getting the NYC one! How many coats do you have to do? (I'm too lazy to do more than 3 haha)

  4. @Lisa Kate: one-two..thdthdthdree! a-three. I am a three coater, rarely do I find a two coat polish.


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