Friday, February 19, 2010

Cute Blog Tag!

Awww! I got a tag from GildedAngel of Naive Nails! How cute and cool is that? Thank you GildedAngel! The only rule in this tag is to tag 5 other cute blogs!

So I tag:

Emerald Sparkled
Tropical Mind
What Katie Did Her Polish
The Manicured Manatee so much more hilarity than cute, but I love this blog!
alizarine claws because her stash helps me feel sane again...

Truth be told, I love every single one of the blogs on my blog roll. I get inspired and laugh and cry with all of them. I envy some of them for their talent, some for their youthful hands, some for their photography skills, some for their writing skills, some for their way with color. I love them all and I am grateful to have been welcomed into this community of nail nuts. (We truly ARE insane and I'm glad to have found each and every one of my fellow lacquer lunatics!)

True story: On the way home tonight, I stopped in at CVS to pick up some V-Day candy on sale..."Look what you got me for me for V-day babe!" and to pick up the other four Milani Holos. I am a Holo whore I tell you! I walked out of CVS with the four holos, a couple neons and then the NYC's were on sale so I grabbed two of those. I also placed 3, yes 3 orders on line between yesterday and today.

I need to purchase another layer for my storage box and some plastic inserts for them. The cardboard ones are holding up fine, but I want the plastic because they'll take up less space (more polish can fit!) and it will look nicer. I swatched 15 colors tonight before settling on Zoya's Harley for my manicure and found a few "close-enough" dupes to put some up for swap...or whatever. I gotta go no buy for a bit, have a few more giveaways and save my money up to increase my Nubar collex. I really love Nubar, and Nfu Oh, and Essie and China Glaze, and OPI and Zoya and...see what I mean? I don't have room for this. I've gotta be selective, but all your blogs are creating lemming after lemming for me...I gotta get Gosh, RBL, Ilamasqua, Chanel, Dior, Nars, and so many others on my hands! (and I know you can all relate to this.) So THIS is why you all have that "lemming list" on your blogs.

I have no where to put a helmer! More details about why on my other blog which is seriously neglected due to this new addiction of mine.

I need to visit MUA more often and get swappin!

Til next time, wishing you color, sparkle and shine!


  1. I'm a holo whore too. My holo collection is getting out of hand. I just made my mother track the milanis down three states away so I can have backups. Its that bad. As for my hauling tendencies. Its ridiculous. I really do have to stop at some point. (no I dont)

  2. Scandalous, I knew I'd hear from you! Holo whore to Holo whore: they are so frigging awesome! I understand having them tracked down.

  3. Ooh I love holos too! Actually I just got into nail polish (a few months) and I have to say, the polishes just multiply like rabbits! One day I'll need a helmer, one day...

  4. Thanks for the tag! I love your blog so much too! Good times!

    And I totally can relate to your obsession with holos. Right there with ya! Did you pick up the green Milani holo? I loved it in Scrangies pics, but wasn't sure about it when I saw it in person at CVS. You will have to do a holo swatch post!

  5. Hello there!

    Thanks for the tag!I really love your blog too!I'm not much of a holo girl but I have a huge problem with lemmings! I'm trying really hard to keep my stash small(that means 70-80 polishes!) so I'm always trying to swap things I don't love!


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