Sunday, February 28, 2010

NYC West Village WNW Caribbean Frost Konad

I wasn't sure if I liked this one or not, but I did wear it for another 2 days before removing it to swatch and then settling on the next manicure which I'll show you in a few posts.

I used the dots on Konad plate M60. I am a bit frustrated by the last row of larger dots. It seems they are lined up just right for the scraper to leave a perfect line across their middle. I've seen that line on other blogger's designs too! I tried a few things to stop it, but generally gave up caring so I could get the damned thing finished.

I could use some Konading tips too...Those of you out there doing a bazillion Konad designs a day, share your tips on how you get the design straight, and other useful things please!!!

Then I wanted a whole 'nother look so I hit it with China Glaze Matte Magic.

It made the NYC polish look even more black and I noticed shocked looks at my nails from my co-workers. LOL. Oh well, I kinda liked the idea...but again, the execution needs work...looking for tips on straightening out Konad designs (especially helpful for those darned French manicure stamps!!!)

Thanks for looking! Wishing you a day of sunshine, I hope to get out today and enjoy some of mine!


  1. I can't express how awesome that looks, both shiny and matte =) your nails are gorgeous and it seems like you've intentionally stamped them angular!
    Tips: Use the ridges on the sides of the stamper to align the design horizontally (double ended stamper) works like a charm!
    If you have the stubby stamper, you can mark it on the sides, to guide you =)

  2. It's not just you - I'm guilty of konading a bajillion times a day and I can NEVER get that one straight! Some designs are just impossible to line up! This is gorgeous, though.

  3. Love it! Hey I just used West Village and it is just as amazing in real life as it is in your pics. Very jelly like too as I wasn't expecting that =) I also have that WnW - need to try that one too. Your nails just get better and better girl!

  4. this looks awesome!! I'm not sure which way I like it best!!! The "accidental" konad - angled - is cool!


  5. I love this one! Especially matte! I actually like this design when it's at different angles on the nail. That's how I've used it.

  6. This is a neat design! I like the shiny one. :)


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