Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Manicure FAIL.

I am jumping on the Valentine's Day Manicure bandwagon. We don't do much for Valentine's Day, the Husband and I...we figure we need to be showing each other romantic thoughts all year long and not just saving it up for one hallmark holiday. :) Though I am not against a little something for the day. So we exchange cards and sweet sentiments and that is enough. Of course, if he wanted to give me a gift, I would certainly accept it! :D

This year though, he is off on a lone motorcycle ride clearing out the cobwebs of his mind while I enjoy some alone time at home - doing my nails, hanging out with my son, relaxing - So we'll share our cards later, when he gets home.

The manicure you see before you is already changed. I did say I was doing my nails while hubby is away! This is Essie Fishnet Stockings - an absolutely gorgeous, sexy, back to the 40's red. I love it. Picked this lovely up along with Berry Hard and a mini ridge filler at Ross a few weeks back. I then ATTEMPED to Konad heart tips using Konad #M73 and China Glaze Good Witch? and that was a horrible fail. So I grabbed a striper brush and did a messy angled line across to try to make it look fun...then used a dotting tool to put some dots on the thumbs...thought about other fingers...actually did a dot or two and decided against more... And so here I give you: Valentine's Day Fail #1!! The ONLY reason this stayed on for a couple days is because I loved the Essie color! Then I noticed some of my dog's hair in the topcoat...stuck in there til I removed the it had to go.

My dog has the softest's like cat fur...floaty, soft and gets into EVERYTHING. It's a good thing I love her, because she has such a sheddy attitude! Always making more fur, that one! But I'd rather she make fur than the alternative. :) HEHEHE, if you click on the bottom pic and look really carefully at my middle'll see that darned hair!

As I said, I've already changed it, and I took my time last night...relaxing and creating something pretty for today...and I just kept going and going and going until I created Fail #2!!! It's sparkly and fun, but a little overdone...however, the point was relaxation and that is what I did...I spent at LEAST 2 hours, just playing with polish and creating the in the next post.

I hope all of my readers enjoy a special moment today, whether you are single or attached, take some time to share some love with someone you care about today/tonight. And think of ways to keep doing that all year long.

Wishing you a colorful, sparkly and shiney day!


  1. HAhaha! I see another dog hair on my thumbnail! uurrrrggg!

  2. It's a shame that dog hair got stuck in the topcoat, the design is gorgeous!

  3. Thanks! I forgot to mention the tips had ChG LOL on them.

  4. The manicure looks great - dog hair and all! I have had that happen to. Right now mine are nekkid. I still have some swatching to do - which I am alternating with the packing. Thank goodness for the long weekend! Happy V-day!

  5. I am not the only one with fails. Somedays, it seems like no matter how I paint, it doesn't turn out right. Thankfully tomorrow is always a new day!


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