Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Milani Fresh Teal

Knowing I'd love Milani's Rad Purple Neon (that isn't neon) this one caught my eye. Teal is one of my 10,000 favorite colors and I realized I don't have any Teals in my stash, so this one went into the basket. I will admit that the Rad Purple swatches told me to open the bottle and peek at the polish inside and it was, indeed, teal. My photos are too blue. There it's weird though, the bottle is a different color than the polish, but still, it's really teal, not blue, and a simple, nice, creme.

It went on nicely and this is 2 coats, thick coats, but they didn't bubble. I think I've got the bubbling issue down to a science now. My only concern about this one is it took a long time to really remove it all, and it was just a swatch. Still, I always put my base coat on, because I don't want any staining happening and some polishes can really do a number on natural nails. This would, most likely, be one of those problem children. Took forever to remove every trace...and if you take a closer look at the Anaka swatch, you'll see remnants of this biatch there. Still, it's pretty and I'll see about longer wear affects in the near future. This is a nice summer color and so I'll wear it then.

I'm off to get some Nubars I've been lemming and then, I buy until I go thru what I've got and swap or clear some space. I'm nuts for Nubar...really.


  1. It is blue! =P
    But I guess it is more the color in the bottle. ;)
    Beautiful teal!
    And your hands and nails look awesome. <3

  2. gorgeous! those are very beautiful swatches, and the polish looks like the bigger sister of for audrey =D

  3. Nice! I really have a thing for blues and this sure is a pretty!

  4. LOVE IT! Looks so gorgeous on you girl! Amazing =)

  5. Thanks everyone, it is the same color as the bottle color when it's wet...but it loses saturation when it dries and becomes a little lighter, but still teal, not blue like my photo.

  6. YAY for Nubar hauls

  7. I must be going crazy, as I'm sitting here thinking that although it looks great on you, I just don't need it! Haha! That's a good thing though, right? Your swatch is perfect!

  8. Love this shade. You have such gorgeous nails. Mine are growing finally. I chopped them all off because I broke one. I'll never do that again. I have some Milani but haven't used them yet.


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