Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fish Tail Nails?

Here's a VD Mani for you! I love the colors and they idea...the nail shape is er...interesting? Actually, I kinda like it for an artificial nail shape...I mean, they're artificial, why not shape them in fun ways? They don't look real anyway so have some fun with their shape. I think this is artistic and pretty darned coolio.
From blog 365 days of Nail Art

I would be a little afraid of scratching myself with them though...


  1. I LOVE these! They're sooooooo outrageous! I love wickedly obnoxious nail art for holidays and those are kick ass!

  2. That is GORGEOUS!! Wish I had half your talent.

  3. Scandalous: They ARE! If I wore gel/acrylics I would so do these!

    WillaDodge: Oh I didn't do these...I just shared them from the other site...see the link below the photo. I WISH!!! LOL

  4. I don't like this shape. It looks like showel. No, thanks. =)

  5. Those are wild!!! Never seen that shape before. I'm pretty sure I would claw the crap outta myself w/ those things LOL!


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