Monday, December 20, 2010

My Sister Won't be Home for Christmas :( -EDIT

Hi Everyone, I hope you're all having a great time preparing for sharing the holidays with loved ones. I'm looking forward to the trip up to northern California to spend the time with my husband's family and my son who will be flying in from Seattle, WA.  So excited to see the young man, haven't seen him since April!!!

My sister, on the other hand, won't be home for Christmas this year. She was struck by a passenger truck while crossing the street on her way to the bus station to get to work last Tuesday morning. :(  She's so lucky to be alive and have no broken bones.  She's got some really bad torn muscles that are going to take a while to heal and there will be plenty of physical therapy in the meantime. She lives in Las Vegas so it's not an easy trek for me to get there to help out. I am however, helping to the best of my ability: making necessary phone calls, keeping her son on track (he's got what used to be called Asperger's Syndrome), and whatever I can do from a distance. She's got a few friends, but mostly just co-workers and her son. I figure I can do my best for her if I wait til they send her home. Then I'll get out there and help her out at home and get everyone into a routine.

Say some prayers, send happy thoughts, whatever you do to contact the higher power you believe in. I'm praying for an excellent recovery with no after issues. I'm praying that all her expenses will be covered by the auto insurance of the person who hit her. I'm hoping she'll be fine again soon.

I have one favor to ask of my readers and friends:
It would be awesome if she got a bunch of get well or better yet "Merry Christmas" cards from anyone who wants to send them: (edited because I had the wrong room number dammit!)
Constance Moore
Las Vegas Healthcare and Rehab Center
2832 S. Maryland Parkway Room 105
Las Vegas, NV  89109

If you have time and can spare a stamp and a card, I'd be forever grateful for any cheer you can add to her not so fabulous Christmas.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Look What I Made!

As I've mentioned before, my 22 year old son moved to Seattle almost a year ago. I haven't seen him since April and I'm really looking forward to spending some Christmas time with him. We celebrate the American Christmas...all the fodder without the religion.

He has expressed that he prefers gifts that were made for him rather than purchased and for that I love him even more. But still, I like to get him something unexpected and purchased when I can. Things that will help him accomplish the goals he's set for himself.

This year, for his handmade gift, I thought it would be kind of cool to give him ornaments that symbolized...well.. Me! That way, he could have his mom nearby even while we're apart, and when the time comes that I leave this life, he'll have these to put on his tree each Christmas and remember me by. What better way to give him something to remember me by than to use nail polish in the creation? Yep, I did! I got into my stash, picked some of my favorites and I made these: *click to make 'em BIG
The pictures aren't the best they can be, and I'll probably take better ones and post 'em up here again...these were taken with my cell phone at work today.

All colors are listed Clockwise from the top left.

OPI Merry Midnight, Sally Hansen Opulent Cloud (GORGEOUS), OPI Shim-Merry Chic and 
China Glaze Emerald Sparkled.
 Close up of the Shim-Merry Chic bulb.
 Essie Huckle Buckle, Sally Hansen Sea and Be Seen (Scene?), Milani 3D Holographic Gold, 
Diamond Cosmetics Canyon Sunrise, Borghese Stellar Notte and China Glaze Good Witch?
Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, Orly Space Cadet, Zoya Delilah, My LOVE: China Glaze Atlantis (this photo doesn't do the bulb justice at ALL), Sally Hansen Prisms Diamond, My Sage Franken that I made HERE (because my son really like desaturated colors...I suspect this one will be his favorite.)
This last is a Franken I made. I call it "Lights on the Tree"
I mixed equal parts Orly Enchanted Forest and Clear, just a tad less of OPI Shim-Merry Chic and a few drops of China Glaze Atlantis (about 6 or 8). This added holographic sparkle and brought some of the blue back that was lost from adding the Shim-Merry Chic.
I got the idea while looking at Ambefrski's Franken she made with Shim-Merry Chic and some red.

My kiddo doesn't even look at this blog so I'm not concerned I'll spoil the surprise. I am loving the way these are turning out and have 6 more I can make...the fumes though... WOW. My husband came home yesterday, and our little house was so gaseous he asked me if I was feeling ok.  I was getting a headache and so we left the house for a while so I could breathe fresh air. Small house + fumes = not good. We slept with all the windows wide open last night and that helped a ton. They are sitting in my office at work tonight...should be interesting tomorrow. :) 

Any suggestions for other colors I might use? I was thinking De-Luxe-ious from Color Club might be good. I think I need a few more reds though...ideas? I also think the Delilah bulb could use another coat. Amazingly this isn't using much of my pretties. There is some waste, but it's not unbearable and I'm happy to share it with the ones I love, even the ones who don't wear polish. 

I sure hope he doesn't think it's a silly thing to give him...he is, afterall, a young MAN. Something tells me he'll love it though. I think they'll be good for next year...then they won't be flammable anymore. LOL

Please comment your suggestions! I have trouble when I open up my stash and try to decide, it's almost as hard as doing a mani!
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