Friday, May 13, 2011

20% off Fashionista Nails? Oh YEAH!

Big sale starts today!  20% off on 3 or more sets. Just enter the code "MAY2011SPECIAL" at checkout!
Sale ends May 21, 2011 at midnight PDT.

There are so many new designs than you see above too, check em out!

Gorgeous! (comes in a variety of colors too!)

This goes with my new dress PERFECTLY! <3

So get on over to asap and enter that code!
Happy shopping! What will you pick?
~Lacquered Lizard

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happenings and changes! Fashionista Nails

Something New on the Horizon!

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for sticking around this almost dead blog...I'm resurrecting it, but Lacquered Lizard will be a bit different in the near future.

You might first notice that the post is written by "Fashionista Nails!" and not "Lacquered Lizard". Don't fret, it's still me, just making some EXCITING changes as I begin a fun path down a new venture in Nail products - Maria, you inspired me.

I'll be posting here and everywhere nail related as Fashionista Nail
s! because I've joined the team and will be the marketing person for this super cool product that I love. I'll also be sharing more of the designs here, tips on how to use them best and fun things you can do with them besides the basics.

I'll post about other nail products still, so don't run away thinking I'm going to be all "salesy"...I just want to share how much I love the product and help anyone who is considering trying them to use them with ease from the start. (There IS a learning curve...just like Konading.)

So, I hope you'll stick around still as I ramp up the posts, share what I've learned and continue to learn about the nail world. Please know that I'll still be reading other blogs and commenting under this new "identity" to help get the word out.

There will be some fun contests and such coming up too, so that you all can have a chance to try Fashionista Nails and love them like I do! Watch Twitter and times ahead, fun times.

This is the start of something new, something fun and something I will truly enjoy every moment of...and hopefully it will open doors to doing more marketing for other great Nail products!
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