Friday, September 9, 2011


Hi everyone,
I sure do miss posting and sharing pictures of all the manicures I'm enjoying...I just haven't had a lot of blog time since the house "blew up."
I keep thinking I'm going to get some posts up of my AMAZING time at CosmoProf LV, but I just haven't had the time...I'll keep working on it. I did have a very, very special time there.
I think though, I shall take a little longer of a "hiatus" and work on some other things that are pressing in life. While at the same time taking time to enjoy some of what life has to offer as well.
For starters: I'm meeting up with Jen of  and Jackie of  tomorrow for a dusty hunt and then a visit to The Painted Nail!  I can't wait to see Jen again and meet Jackie!
I hope to be back to posting the meantime, I'll still be checking out your blogs and commenting.
The Lizard
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