Sunday, February 28, 2010

Giveaway frustration, If you entered...did you fill out my form?

I am first giveaway and it seems to be a mess. *sigh*

I see some commenters didn't fill out my form, I see some form fillers didn't comment.

Do I extend the deadline for you all to make corrections to this or do I disqualify the ones who didn't follow the "rules."

I need input...comment your input please...I just don't know what to do. I'm tempted to start over. :(


  1. form? huh? So confused. :( I'm mean. I disqualify people who don't follow my "rules". But I'm a betch like that....

  2. Uhhh..... I don't know
    *runs over to the post to see if she filled it out right*

  3. Disqualify the people who didn't follow the rules. Giveaways are getting so ridiculous now with people not following rules or cheating by making new accounts and junk. I think we all need to start being ruthless with our giveaways so the people who are just in it for free stuff and have no interest in blogging can sod off!
    Good luck getting everything sorted out, whatever you choose to do!

  4. Ugh, Okay.. I just came back to my entry and realised I didn't follow the rules perfectly. I posted my "what I'm looking forward to" the link to my blog entry and email in different comments, AND... I forgot to post them on the form.
    So if anyone was like me, we were so excited and posted everything in comments and forgot to click the form link. :( I'm sorry.

  5. I think that your rules were clear.

    There are people that don`t read and only try to enter in the giveaway as faster as they can. I think you should disqualify them.

    Please, don`t be frustrated. Thank you for organazing all!!!

  6. I think that if people can't follow basic instructions, they should automatically be disqualified. That's what I'd do, but then again I'm mean like that. :)

  7. Your instructions were pretty clear, I would disqualify anyone who didn't do it right. A lot of people who enter these things don't give a rat's bottom about your blog, they just want free stuff. It is very sad :(

  8. Eh, I didn't follow the directions clearly enough. :/ Guess that makes me a tool.
    Not everyone doing the contests is someone who doesn't care about the blog. Yeesh. :s

  9. I have a giveaway going on right now. There have been a couple of people already who have entered, not following the rules. I am just disqualifying them. I don't see why you going through extra trouble extending the deadline and all that.....
    But anyways, I had done both for your giveaway; I commented and filled out the form :)))


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