Friday, February 19, 2010

So Much FUN coming up and Knee update

The sun is coming back out and I've ordered some lovely new polish which I hope to have by next week sometime. Surprises await!

OH I can't WAIT!!! One of them, who's name shall not be mentioned until I have it on my hot little hands, is a throwback to my 20's...but I promise you ladies will love it as much as I do! It's just plain fun and I'm so excited I could find it!

I've been a little busy being the "licensed driver" cruising the streets with my son who is now a licensed driver himself and he'll be moving to Washington this Sunday I'll not be around this weekend as I want to spend time with him before he goes. I'll share a picture of him here so you all can see what a handsome spawn I created. ;)

Christmas Day 2009, yep Christmas Day. I love Santa Barbara!
He despised having his picture taken...and I just don't understand why...
(I also don't understand why the second picture I post is ALWAYS unclickable)

See how handsome he is? Why wouldn't he want his picture taken???
(this one is from July of 2008)

Oh, they are soooo photogenic!
(This is November 2009, Thanksgiving day with his Twin Cousins.)
*Ahem* Proud Mom moment over now.

For those of you just chomping at the bit to find out how my leg is faring, I am doing much better! Seems the cortison shot was just the ticket and the knife has been evaded, for now. That Doctor was my bestest friend until he got more needles out and injected BOTH knees with Hyalgan (fake knee fluid) and I hobbled out of there to return again every week for the next two to do it again! I don't like him much right now, but in about 4 weeks, I will LOVE HIM. Unless my knee starts to "catch" and I am faced with the knife again.
I'll be riding my bike again in no time, starting right after this little rain spell is over! Of course I have to "ease into it" and I will do just that. I feel like such a little kid when I'm on those two wheels.


  1. Aww, I'm so happy that you don't have to undergo surgery. I hope it stays that way =)
    I wish your handsome son good luck with moving. I hope the time you're going to be apart will fly by and you will see him often =)

  2. =) Tell him he looks like Superman on the third photo. =)

  3. Trincess: I don't know if he'll be there long, I am hoping it works out for him though. Washington isn't so far away.
    Nihrida: HAHAHA! I will!


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