Monday, February 1, 2010

Tips and Toes Party Part one

Hello fellow polish addicts!

I had the BEST FUN this past Friday night. After a really long day at work in a "team retreat" that is so much more like "team intensive training" and yet still filled with plenty of laughs and a good time, the ladies at work and a few who used to work with us, all got together for dinner.

I, the idiot who ALWAYS has 2, yes 2, cameras with her, neglected to take any photos! ARGH!!! I carry them for just this reason and I rarely think of it. I hope this blog will help me to remember to take pictures. So far though...memory 1/blog 0. :(

After a wonderful dinner of Thai food, we all converged on one co-workers home where I brought my little storage box of polish and plenty of remover and cotton balls...and we had a tips and toes party! It was SO much fun!

We all agreed we should do it again. I had a blast, they all enjoyed themselves too. It was so fun to share something I am nutzo into with them and yet share it with them so we could all feel pampered and girlie. :)

Oh, there was plenty of good wine shared too.

BUT, it's late, I'm tired and have a very early morning I'm off to bed. I have to take pictures of my co-workers hands I can post the follow up!

Until next time, enjoy a colorful day!


  1. Polish play dates are so much fun! It's always nice to be able to share the love of lacquer with others.

  2. That sounds awesome! What a great idea! I'm sure everyone had a blast =)


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