Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I have never been to New Orleans and therefore I have never been to Mardi Gras. I've been to many a Mardi Gras themed event and had to wear ridiculous costumes for work promotions. I love the architecture of New Orleans and do hope to get there one day. I'd love to try Beignets, mint juleps and some King Cake!
With King Cake in mind, I give you my Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras Mani! Enjoy it's colorful yumminess as you gaze upon the polish porn!
All photos taken under incandescent light with my phone camera. I'll take some sunny ones and post 'em up later today.
I used China Glaze Grape Pop, Emerald Sparkle and Twenty Four K.
I used French manicure guides applied upside down to guide my application of Emerald Sparkle, pulled those off while the polish was still wet, then filled in with Grape Pop to the tips.
Then I stamped with Konad M22 for the music staff on my Thumb and M40 for the beads and the crown on my fingers. After that, I fumbled and struggled and still don't have the right brush but I did my best to paint a line of Twenty Four K on the seam between the two other colors.
The shape of this mani was inspired by the nails created by CND for Ruffian that I saw on PolishSwatches HERE
I don't have the steadiest of hands...for painting of picture taking it seems.

Colors are pretty accurate! It was fun, it's different and I'm hoping someone will notice it today!
If you find yourself lucky enough to be there, please celebrate responsibly and send me some beads! lol


  1. Loving your Mardi Gras Manicure. I have never been to New Orleans either, but hopefully one day soon. I also did a Mardi Gras Manicure which I will be posting as soon as the sun comes out and I can take some pictures. The people I work with will probably think I am crazy! HA!

  2. Thanks! the idea is lovely, execution...not so much but I like it. :) I need practice with my nail art brushes

  3. New Orleans is my favorite place in the world. My kids ask to go back every other day. I miss everything about it today. Happy Mardi Gras

  4. gorgeous! I never truly realized you were also inspired by Ruffian, maybe my eyes were deceived by the different colors and beautiful konad =)


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