Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Update on my knee

Hi and thanks to all the well wishers, I really appreciate all your kind thoughts and words.

I saw the doctor on Monday after having an MRI on Friday, before he saw me, I had x-rays that he never looked at..so I'll be fighting THAT bill for sure. Anyway, the verdict is that I did tear a ligament. The ligament I tore is the meniscus (the cushioning stuff between the knee bones...kind of a figure-eight shape of cartilage. I tore a bit at the inner part of my knee - that's the side facing my left knee.

The treatment options were A: get a cortisone shot directly into the affected area and hope that allows for normal functioning - pain free and freedom of movement - and hopefully allow it to heal without surgery. B: have surgery to clean up the tear, reattach if possible or remove it if necessary.
I went with A and am hoping for the best. My spirits are kinda sucky, I'm on codeine again because that damned shot reawakened the beast and I couldn't sleep until I got the pain under control.

I have a confession to make... I am a weenie when it comes to pain. I don't know how I went through 33 hours of labor to give birth. I really don't! I cried when he gave me the shot. I cried when he told me I had a torn ligament. I cried when I went home to rest my knee and allow the cortisone to start working. I am a cry baby...and I'm ok with that. I just wish the doctors, dentists and nurses would fricken BELIEVE me when I tell them I am a weenie...they never do, push me to tears and then apologize. I wish they'd be proactive. I know I look strong and I truly am...until there is pain involved. Then, please, for the love of Pete, give me drugs.

I did do my nails on Saturday. I will post about that tomorrow. The codeine is kicking in...and so it's bedtime.

Til tomorrow! Wishing you color and glitter and shine!


  1. I'm also a wuss when it comes to pain! I really hope you feel better soon. :)

  2. ((hugs)) I send you healing thoughts and uplifted mood.
    I've been through torture with my knees and I understand your pain.
    After this heals talk to them about PT to strengthen the suportive muscles. It really helps to reduce new or reinjury!

  3. be brave! i hope the cortisone shot works for you. i had ACL replacement a few years ago, i didn't want to, i wanted ti live in happy ignorance, but my damn knee kept giving out! so i had the surgery and have been really happy ever since. still feels weird when its gonna rain though! i am a human barometer! As for pain with surgery, it actually felt better! but don't try to show me pics of my MRI, because there will be a literal *thud* and you will find me on the floor!

  4. Thanks Michelle and Evil Angel. :) EA are my initials! Perhaps I will use that moniker at work. LOL
    But really, thank you for your kind thoughts and words. I'm definitely going for the PT after whatever...I really just wanna ride my bike again!

  5. I hear ya Jessica, I've been down the same road with the Left knee.ACL and meniscal repair. SOOO much better after surgery, then shredding some more and having a little more surgery. I am more upset this time because it's the OTHER knee and I thought I was home free now. :P This aging thing totally sucks.

  6. Oh no! A torn meniscus is a very painful injury! My husband tore his just by getting up from a squat position last year.
    He had to have the surgery due to the physical nature of his job.

    Everyone's tolerance to pain is different. Your pain is *yours* and it is *real*, so don't fret about needing medicine for it!
    Take care of yourself Elizabeth, and listen to what your doctor says!

  7. Thanks ainos, I intend to do just that...wish they had warned me about the side effects of codeine though...jeez let's add more pain to my injury. LOL


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