Wednesday, February 24, 2010

There are a bunch of giveaways happening NOW!

I hope to win them ALL Bwahahahaha!!!

But, in case you want a chance at ' they are in no particular order: (just click the blog name to go straight to the giveaway!)

is celebrating 300 followers by giving away a bunch of Konad Stuffs! (fave Konad for ME was feb 2, 2010 post)

Lacquerized is celebrating 250 followers and giving away two prizes! YOU get to pick the one you're playing like best. :) (I like the first set myself.)

Romika's Nails is celebrating 100 followers with manicure essentials and some lovely lacquers too!

Concrete and Nail Polish is having a follower appreciation giveaway with lot's of great stuffs!

Painted Lady Fingers is giving away some Man Glaze and Man Glaze Swag.

And Lacquer Laine is having a giveaway for some Skin MD sheilding lotion.

I think I'm missing a few...I'll keep looking. Some of these end soon, so get on over there!

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