Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Zoya Harley with a Konad Fail.

I swear I'm losing my Konadability. (Did I ever HAVE IT???)

*sigh*I could never get the middle finger straight...wonder what THAT means. ;) I used China Glaze Something Sweet. I suck at color mixing. I actually printed out a color wheel to help me out!

This next one is clickable, but it just get's blurrier. :( My son took one look at Harley and said it would go great with an old Eddie Bauer dress I have, and so I pulled it out and all I can say is I wish I had that talent. It was a perfect match for this faded lavender dress. I'm holding it here:

So, I failed again, the colors are pretty, but I gave up, removed the whole thing and did some swatches instead.

Harley grew on me, I'm keeping her afterall. But let's talk about Zoya polish for a minute. I am so not crazy about their formula. I have so many issues with application...but once it's on and dry, I have no complaints. This stuff wears really well. Of course I have no idea exactly HOW well since I change my polish more often than the average woman and you ALL know what I'm talkin' about here. How many of us, really...can talk about wear??? HAHAHA
The finish holds up though and it was gorgeous...and because of Harley, I purchased more Zoya and I'm looking forward to adding to my stash soon!


  1. Your nails are to long for 1 stamp, and 2 stamps are very hard to do! So, it is not you... =P

    Love konad, love the colors on your nails... =)

  2. I'll say yes, you need some Fauxnads. ;p

    But! If you consider this a Konad fail, you haven't seen fail in real life. ;) My Konad looks a bit.. what, less neat? and I have short nails! :P

  3. I dont think this is a fail at all! I LOVE it! But i totally know how it is! I always think mine suck while everyone else seem to like them. We are our own worst critics!
    Lining up one stamp to another is very very tricky!

  4. That isn't bad at all! You should get some fauxnads, they work better for you ladies with the long talon nails! :)

  5. Awww, thanks for all the votes of confidence! I'll keep at it...practice makes perfect right? And you've been at it a while, right Christy? :)
    Talons??? Yeah they are long, but aren't talons the curvy nails? (at least to me) and just for the record, I LIKE talons...but these long straight things, they's just nails. :p

  6. Zoya polish is FABULOUS. I discovered it earlier this year and have approximately a dozen colors. I have never tried any of the funky complex polish but the ones I have I love and get many compliments on. TFC - Chicago


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