Friday, February 26, 2010

Update on Miss Marion "Garnet"

Happy Friday everyone!

Yesterday, I wrote an email to the makers of Miss Marion nail polish to let them know about the review I did and how I was disappointed to find "Garnet" wasn't what it used to be, or maybe I got a bum one.

I was assured that the color I shared with you is NOT "Garnet" but, in fact, a different color. Guess what it's called? Come on...guess! It's right there in the original post! You got it! "Tomato C! LOL

So there ya have it. When Miss Marion creates a color, they are dead on and name it appropriately. I will have the REAL "Garnet" on my nails soon and will share it's magic with you then. I cannot wait to show you the beauty that it truly is and I'll have more information for you about the company and hopefully some other co then.

I will tell you this: DO NOT PURCHASE FROM PEACHTREE WORLD. They sold me this relabeled carp. They haven't purchased from Miss Marion in over 3 years. This means their stock is old and they are trying to dump it and I fell for it. I will be contacting them for a refund though I doubt I'll get it. I will find out where you can get Miss Marion and let you know.

And the best part? Their polish is 3 free! Stay tuned! More Miss Marion to come! Can you wait?? I can't!


  1. Well goodness, I hope you can get a refund. I can't wait to see the real Garnet though, I bet that it is stunning!

  2. ppfff, what were they thinking? :/
    Stupid people! :/

    Hope you get the real deal very shortly!


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