Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Latest Haul!

This has been a couple of days in the making, but I figured I'd wait til it all arrived in the mail before I posted them up.

Click for a closeup!

As I mentioned earlier, I picked up the 4 Milani Holos that I left behind the first time. Now they are ALL mine! BWAHAHAHAHA *cough* *ahem*
I picked up two of the Milani Neons too, I've seen Rad Purple so I had to have that and then Fresh Teal caught my eye because I had very few teals in my collex so I had to get it! (Swatch of Fresh Teal upcoming), while I was at it (and since everything was buy one, get one half off) I picked up two NYC polishes: West Village and East Village.
Got Color Club Fashion Addict, Rule Breaker, Wild at Heart and extra Fashion
Addict due to my missing that I'd put two in the cart (guess it will be part of another giveaway!)
After getting some of the pastels from the China Glaze Up and Away collex, then seeing the rest of them in Emerald Sparkled order I had to go back for Heli-Yum, Flying High and Happy Go Lucky. :) Thanks for that girl. :-p
Then I got my Zoya's from the spend $10 and get two free nail polishes. I got Anaka, Isla, Drew and Kalmia. Anaka is friggin amazing in a bottle. Poor Scandalous, I bugged her about which Zoya's I won in her giveaway so I wouldn't order something I already won. (Thanks for your patience with me lady!) Can't wait for that to arrive either! I won! Weeee!!!
And do you see that little bit of a white bottle cap handle just behind the Zoya? That's the blast from the past...coming up in a post very soon. :) I can't believe it's hiding, but that's really cool!

I spent some time swatching a few of these last night. So I'll post those up next!

Shine, sparkle and shimmer!


  1. Great haul, sweet friend!!! Happy polishing with them =DDD <3

  2. *runs through and steals your haul*
    But seriously, I'm jealous.

  3. Excellent haulage! Looking forward to more pics/swatches!

  4. Kamilah is my ALL TIME FAVORITE zoya. Like, if they ever stop selling it I will die. It is the only Zoya that lasts on me


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