Friday, January 15, 2010

Tinks Tips

I have been eyeballing Myrza's Meadow since I first saw it posted...then I was looking at all my photos and I realized why. I had already created something very much like it using a mini Sally Girl polish "Pea-body" with a mini Sally Girl glitter over the top - maybe "So 70's". These pics aren't great, they're awful even but check 'em out if ya want.

My son was NOT fond of this one. He made fun of my "chartreuse nails" and how unflattering the color was on me. Maybe so, but for a few days, Tinkerbell was there with me as I went through my day. She always makes me smile that sassy little fairy. But Jenks makes me laugh out loud...are here any Kim Harrison readers/fans reading this?

Blurry close up (no you don't need glasses - I do)
horrible application. I'm much better at it now.


  1. Sweet color.
    Sparkles are fun!

  2. Oh, I love this color, unlike your son, I happen to think that this is soo flattering =)))) By the way, I love your Atlantis mani, and your funky french manis =) I just realized how many posts of you I missed, sigh...

  3. Thanks Thess, I'll tell my son to stuff it...I liked it too!

    Hi Trincess! Don't worry, I've been frantically posting so that I have content. Next up: figure out how to make my blog look less "noob". :)


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