Friday, January 15, 2010

Purple Passion French

I really liked the blue french, and being one who loves the purple...I thought I would try a purple version. This is also pre-Seche. Notice the sheet wrinkles on nails. This one was pretty for about and hour...I did laundry the day after application (sheet wrinkles and all) and the polish pulled away from the cuticle in a horrible way. I attributed it to the heat of the dryer, but who knows...I haven't given the ELF another shot since...I should though, shouldn't I?

I used Milani Purple Passion on the tips, and ELF Pearl Pink over the top. This if from October 2009. I do like this mani, but the wrinkles and the pull back...maybe I'll try it with Seche or Poshe and see how it goes.

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