Friday, January 15, 2010

Red Satin (my first Matte Top Coat)

Middle of October 2009, I wanted something simple but elegant and sexy. I started with a mini Sally Hansen that I picked up Christmas 2008 and hadn't used yet. I had just started checking out the world of nail blogs and read about Matte Top coats. So I picked up China Glaze Matte Magic and this one took my breath away. It's exactly what I wanted right then. Feast your eyes on my crappy cell phone pics! heeheehee!

I loved how they changed color depending on how the light hit them, just like satin. This was true love for a few days, I'm tellin' ya!

Huh, I just noticed these pics have dates stamps, I wonder when I set my phone cam to do that? Sometimes I'm pretty darned smart, and then I forget!
I hope I'm not cramming your readers with too much polish porn.
I am just so happy it's the weekend...and I have more to get all caught up to date!
I promise you, after reading some of your blogs, I realized my snappy camera was the best way to take photos and I worked toward more natural lighting so I didn't have to adjust for the warmth of my house lighting...hang in there, the photos get better.

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