Thursday, January 14, 2010

Inspired by Nihrida

Back around the Thanksgiving Holiday Nihrida created a gorgeous mani using a variety of colors then going over the mosaic with a Konad Stamp from image plate M56. I didn't have that plate at the time but I really liked the idea of the fallen leaves colors on my I did the background with some WnW colors I picked up just for this purpose.

I covered the entire nail with Orly's Enchanted Forest and, using a makeup sponge, I dabbed some of the metallic WnW's and a few Sally Beauty mini's I had on hand to create this look:



Through the blinds. :)

I really liked this and received many compliments. It was more reminiscent of the sparkly holiday centerpieces found on fancy tables for Thanksgiving, but it worked for me.

I have since acquired Konad Plate M56 but I think I'll save them for some other creation. Thanks for the inspiration Nihrida!


  1. This is outstanding! I should try some sponging myself =)

  2. Loving the blog so far. And *love* the name Lacquered Lizzard! :-D

    Pretty nails :-)

  3. Thanks Trincess, I was pretty happy with it.

    Hi Michèle! Nice to see you here! And I'm glad you like the name! More posts soon.

  4. Love your manicure. Very pretty. Your nails look like a beautiful gem.

  5. Thank you Lucy! I had fun doing this...guess I'll have to try it again sometime.


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