Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thinking about trimming the nails down...

They are a few different lengths though not entirely obvious with the exception of my right thumb - poor thing is having such a hard time - and left index finger. Yesterday, I chipped the right index and had to file it down and the left index split a while back while wearing a matte polish. I'm thinking mattes don't protect the nail like regular shiny polish does. So the left index got chopped down to a more "workable" length.

My nails are almost a full centimeter long...and though I love that they are this long, I've never really worn them this way in the past because the breaking point was much shorter than they are now.

Usually, if I can't make a fist comfortably, my nails are too long and I risk that breaking point. The Breaking Point for me is when the nail decides to break below the quick...that is painful and it totally sucks, but so far, I've avoided that experience this time around. So, what am I doing differently?

I am redoing my manicures more often. I think that's the key right there. We all know how nail polish breaks down and crackles, chips and basically wears out. I believe, by changing the polish frequently, my nails are better protected from breaking from the accidental whack here and there. Also, almost every manicure involves moisturizing my hands and nails and that is probably helping. Can't say I did a lot of that in my past nail polish obsession phases.

I love the length that some of the other bloggers can maintain. (Nailphile, EvilAngel, Tartofraises, PaintedLady come to mind.) I think I can do that too, but I am not sure it's practical for me. I had set a goal for myself to get them all to 1 centimeter after seeing Tartofraises nails. Mine grow similarly to hers and so I thought I'd give it a try. Now that I have a few that aren't the same length as the others, I am considering shortening them and starting over.

What do you do when this happens? Do you think I should cut them all back to the same shorter length (about 3-4mm) and try to grow them all out together, or just keep them the way they are and allow the shorties to catch up? What is your Breaking Point?

My next manicure depends on you! So let me know what you think! Pictures coming in the next few posts...a konad fail, more about deLore, and some pics of my nakie nails at their current length.

The sun is out today for the first time in 9 days and this Lizard is going to sun herself on a rock somewhere. :) I hope you get your little slice of sunshine today too!


  1. It might just be me but it drives me nuts if my nails aren't the same length, so I would file them even and regrow them.
    I really don't have a breaking point, though my middle finger is more apt to get a split at about
    3cm so I usually stay below that.

    Your nails look healthy and strong so if nothing else maybe get them close to even and keep them filed to that length until they all are even.

  2. I agree with EvilAngel. If a break can't be patched I file them all down because I can't stand uneven nails!

    I keep my nails at just a bit past the fingertip. Long enough to be elegant (imho) but not so long they get in the way of everyday activities. I can't really go much shorter without discomfort either because my nailbeds are fairly long. Esp on my ring finger.

  3. Sometimes I file them all down, and sometimes I don't. When a nail has broken off entirely, like in the flesh, I will file the others down, but not into the flesh like the poor broken nail.. And then I just maintain the length of the nails allowing the short one to catch up eventually.

    But if the cracked nail is still at a reasonable length, which is the case if I read your post correctly, I'd say file them down..

    They will grow out in no time!

  4. Thanks for your input ladies! I gave in and filed 'em down and ya know what? They're still pretty long. :)

  5. I have to admit...I can't bear to file down my nails even though I know they aren't the same length..My nails don't grow very long, so length is precious to me. I know I should, but I just can't bear to do it... X:

  6. All you ladies are so lucky. I do interior design and my nails are always breaking from the manual labor.

    I mean they really break blood and all it gets frustrating, but thankfully they grow quickly so I keep them short.


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