Friday, January 15, 2010

The real Thanksgiving Manicure

There is a funny story behind this manicure. Christmas 2008, my sister gave me an Amazon gift card. Coming up on Christmas 2009, we chat and agree, NO GIFTS this year. Money's tight for both of us, so let's just plan on seeing each other and spending time at our middle sister's wedding and call that our Christmas gift. Since she lives in Las Vegas and I pretty much hate that town, we don't see each other as often as we'd like. As we continued to chat, she asked me what I got with my gift card from the previous year. This is the funny part: I'd forgotten all about it! I thanked her at the time, then never used it!

So, I thanked her for the reminder and told her I would use it to purchase some Konad stamping art supplies and how happy I was again to receive her gift.

It took a few days to place the order and receive the disks, including a call to let me know they didn't have one disk I wanted and what would I like instead. Anyway, they were generally a good supplier if you wanna use Amazon, but I have since used OCNailart and I'm happy with their service so I'll stick with OCN.

Unfortunately, I never posted this one to the Facebook group so I don't have the background information. :( But I am pretty sure this is more of the Wet n Wild colors I used from the sponge mani. I just did a coppery base and stamped a flower I thought might pass for a leaf in a bunch of different, complimentary colors.
If I can find the details in my polish box in the morning...I will update...right now, it's late, I'm sleepy and I need to hit the sheets.
I wish the pics had come out better. Happy weekend!

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