Sunday, January 17, 2010

Second and Third Christmas Manicure

With the holidays in mind, specifically Christmas since that's what I celebrated as a child, I got on the bandwagon and, using Sally Girl Venom (from Sally Beauty Supply) with Emerald Sparkle on the tips. The konad was stamped using plate #M25 (it's actually a fauxnad absolute copy) and Sally Hansen's Insta Dry Whirlwind White.
The colors are all a little different because I was messing with the photos, trying to capture the actual shade of Venom...I think I got it right here:I was still learning about Seche and it's pardon the sloppy application.

For the week of Christmas, I got my inspiration from Beauty Judy and Konadomania. I cannot STAND the cold though, so I added some extra fur trim to the coat and made it look "fluffy."
That's it for Christmas! Hope you all had a good one!


  1. the work you've done with Santa is brilliant! =DDDD you're so talented! And the other one is so festive, yet not overcrowded, I think it's very delicate =) <3

  2. Thanks Trincess, I'm still learning this Konad stuff and I have some new disks to play with, hopefully I'll pick something soon!


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