Sunday, January 17, 2010

Essie Sag Harbor and then some. :)

I found Essie Sag Harbor and Greenport at so I snatched them up. I like Greenport, but I LOVE Sag Harbor. Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of it before I added some sparkle to it. I wore Sag Harbor alone for 4 days with just about zero tip-wear, (GAWD I love the Essie formula!) and I really didn't feel like a whole new manicure yet, so I decided to top it with China Glaze Wireless from the OMG collection.

At about nail #7, I realized I was using China Glaze OMG from the OMG collection and, while it was pretty awesome, I was a little bummed and really wanted to see Wireless over I painted my ring finger with Wireless and finished the manicure with OMG.

I'll definitely try this one again, I love the way Wireless looks over Sag Harbor. Reminiscent of the Blue Fairy from least to me. I have a thing for fairies. I play one in my SecondLife.

We're supposed to get our annual deluge starting today. Gotta love the coastal desert. 7+ days of rain, rain and more rain. Heavy rain, light rain, sideways rain, and maybe even raining UP. I am not a big fan of the rain. I live in Santa Barbara for a REASON! LOL

But I am spending the day giving my nails a nice breather, drenched them in deLore for nails and just letting that sink in. More details of the special manicure in my next post.

Stay warm, stay dry. Til next time...


  1. I love this mani, you can see the difference between the two and I like both looks! I have never heard of deLore? I hope you tell us more about it!! Stay dry. Rain stinks. But I live in NJ, so at this point when it rains I am grateful it isn't ice or snow :)

  2. Thanks Michèle, I kinda liked it! ;)

    Hey Judy! I did too, but I look forward to the lesser bling for next time. I will have more to say about deLore in my next post for sure!


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