Sunday, January 24, 2010

Nubar Peacock Feathers and Borghese Stellar Notte Comparison

I have been by the end cap display of the Borghese Fashionista nail lacquer collection at least 134 times now...each time, I pick up that lovely bottle of Stellar Notte (or is it Stellah?) and also the deep, dark, rich purple creme as well. (I forget the name as soon as I put the bottle back!) I keep putting Stellar Notte back telling myself, "No! I already have Nubar Peacock Feathers WHICH I've not yet worn and it's pretty much the same color. No, No, NO!) Space is a very special thing where I live, so dupes are not allowed.

I remembered that I picked up the little mini bottle holiday collection with this lovely in it so I ran home to do comparison. I painted Nubar Peacock Feathers on my ring and index finger and Borghese Stellar Notte on my middle and pinkie fingers. Stepped out into the sunshine - when it came out - snapped some shots, took some in the shade and here you go. Picture heavy to truly show the comparison:

Full Sun:



Indoors with some cloud cover outside:


Indoors with the sun peeking in:

And this one is blurry by accident, but it shows how similar the colors can look at times:

These are both duo-chromes and about as similar as RBL Scrangie is to Sally Hansen Grape Going. :p (I've seen the comparisons...I've got serious lemmings for the whole blogger series from RBL, I couldn't take advantage of the year end sale since the holidays were upon us and the husband had just gotten laid-off. Happy Happy Joy Joy and all that...*reminds self to stop whining*)

Let me say, I love them both for their color. Peacock Feathers starts out as this gorgeous teal, applies like creamy buttery goodness and as you add each layer, it becomes more purple with depth and flash. It appears to be a teal jelly packed with purple - and a touch of pink - shimmer. Stellar Notte starts out kind of an icky, murky gray with a hint of teal shimmer. The first coat goes on streaky and fussy as all get out but - if you're careful - it does even out nicely on the second coat. I did 3 coats for both and they are topped with Seche Vite fast dry top coat.

This is my first Borghese and my second Nubar. Stellar Notte's mini bottle had a decent sized brush but it had a few wild hairs sticking out all crazy like. They settled down with use. The Nubar brush is pretty typical while the Borghese is similar to the Sally Hansen Insta Dri brush. I had no trouble with either one.

I know that Nubar has some staying power, I've been wearing Swiss Chocolate on my toes for two weeks now. :) I thought I would have a little fun with this mani and just finish it up as is...all skittle like, so I painted my left thumb with Stellar Notte and then did my right hand opposite my left. It will be interesting to see if anyone else notices I have two colors on...but also, I want to compare the wear on these two. I'll wear them all week if they'll last and I'll post up the results here when I have them.

What do you think? Did I help any of you decide which one or did I just confirm that we need both of them?


  1. Great comparison! I still need to use SN! It looks awesome on you =)

  2. I think we need both, your nails are very pretty! :)

  3. @gildangel Thanks! I'm enjoying it, but both index fingers are chipped as of Jan 26th after morning shower. :(

    @Tropical Mind I went to Rite Aid and grabbed the last bottle. I agree with Arie - we need both! :) But I have a love for Peacock Feathers too.

    @Arie Thank you so much! This is after shortening too! As much as I didn't want to, I found they are still pretty long. :)

  4. Thanks for the link at Nihridia's blog...
    I like Sn better! =O

    Great comparison. Thank you! =)

  5. @Thess: YW! See, that is what I love about the polish community. We all have different favorites...and while there are colors that are so very close...there's a clear favorite for each person. I love more bloggers!

  6. Nubar Peacock Feather seems to be very popular. Now I see why. =)

  7. Beautiful, Peacock Feathers is a true stunner!


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