Thursday, March 11, 2010

So Many Giveaways!

Goodness! March is turning out to be the Month of the Giveaways! Exciting stuff is happening in the nail blogosphere and I'm here to tell you all about it!

The list is long but stick with me and follow along:

All You Desire is having her celebration of, get this, 500, yes, 500, not 50, but 500 followers! And for that she is giving away these great gifts. Click the pic for more information and to enter! (ends April the 10th)

My girl Deniz over at Emerald Sparkled is having a great giveaway to celebrate hitting the 200 follower mark. Amazing, 200 followers. We sure do love our nail art and swatches, don't we? Deniz has put together a wonderful array of cool items, check out the Konad disk storage wallet, then click the pic for more information and to enter! (ends March 27th, 11:59 pm (GMT)

Over at the Nail Junkie, Lyra went a 'lil NUTZ when she put this prize package together, and I'm pretty excited about it, click the pic for more information and to enter. (ends 20th of March, 8pm Central European time)

Celebrating a Blog Birthday is Polishing the Nails and she's giving away a gorgeous selection of GOSH polish, click the pic for more information and to enter. Happy Birthday, Maria! (ends March 21 at Midnite)

Zuzu at Inside of My Purse is offering a crazy huge selection of items for her 250 followers - or blog posts? My translator isn't translating all of her blog so it's hard to tell, but click the pic for more information and to enter (ends April 23rd)

Laura at Sawan is helping THREE lucky winners get the new Claire's Mood Polish on their hands! Thanks Laura! Click the pic for more information and to enter. (ends March 28 at 5:00PM Central Time)

Tiffany over at Yardsticks for Lunatics is giving away a bunch of gorgeous Nyx items, including some pretty polish! Click the pic for more information and to enter. (ends March 15th)

Mary at Body Soul Beauty has bought into MARCH MADNESS with a greentastic bundle of color and fun, another huge giveaway for one lucky winner! Click the pic for more info and to enter. (ends March 17)

WHEW!!! That's it that I'm aware of, if I've missed any please let me know!

Sparkle and Shine!


  1. I'm still stunned at the amount of giveaways going on. They are all so amazing.

  2. Haha i have one too!

  3. Don't forget about the Manicure Mommas 300th post giveaway! :)

  4. DAMN!!! How did I miss yours??? I'm a follower!!! Thanks for posting it up for me!

  5. Thank you Smoochiefrog! I had already entered, and so I did overlook that one! Thanks for posting it!

  6. I have one too - I have to update it this weekend since I hit 150 Followers I will be adding a second prize.

  7. omg I have been MIA, I have to enter all of them ^_^, thanks for sharing!!

  8. Thanks for rounding up these! Because I enjoy reading your blog I tagged you, and I'm sorry if you don't like to be tagged. ;)


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