Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The breaking point illustrated. :(

My nails are natural, for anyone wondering. Here are some photos I took of them a couple months ago, just after trimming 2cm off of them:

Yeah the right Thumb is a problem, and I'm learning to use anything but that nail as a tool to open things. It suffers badly as does the nail on my right index finger...it's always a little shorter than the rest. Unfortunately, the index finger nail gave up the ship this week...but I took photos of my nails before I chopped them off. See?
Left index split up the middle while wearing a matte polish, it's recovered nicely with the help of 
Orly Nail Rescue.

Right hand. Ugh. Index nail is broken way below the free edge (My mom used to call that "the quick"). Bleedy and all that stuff. I am a pain and blood weenie!! I saved it for one more week to wear the NYC/WNW Konad featured a couple days ago, but when I finished all the swatching of holos and colors, the nail gave up and was all floppy and upset.
I soaked the Orly Nail Rescue off, chopped my nails short and then reapplied Nail Rescue to help support the nail til it grows out to the free edge.  I know you see some on my thumb nail. I've found that Orly Nail Rescue is the best solution for MY peeling nails. Just a little on the tip has kept it from peeling and it's growing again. Of course, I'm paying attention and finding other tools to use for opening things, rather than poor right thumbnail...but in a couple weeks, I'll remove the nail rescue and my thumbnail will be happy once again. 

Again, cuticles are fried and there's color residue because I'd just finished doing a bunch of swatches. A assure you all, a full manicure including cuticle treatment and moisturizing followed this photo shoot. 

Did I mention Orly Nail Rescue? I will never be out of this stuff in my stash! 
Some Tips: Tighten the cap on the glue as much as you can...use a wrench and vise if you have one! Or get your husband or boyfriend to tighten and open it for you when you need it. It dries out if you don't seal it tightly. I've had mine for months and the glue is just the same as when I first purchased it. I can't do wraps, this is easier and it doesn't hang on like acrylic. A few manicures and you need to redo it, so it's very easy to soak off. If you don't have some, get it. I always take it on trips, just in case! 


  1. Youch!! I'm filing my nails down a bit today too. I have problems with my left hand - thumb and index. And I'm right handed! wth?
    I hope your nail heals ok! I find that I'll actually put a bandaid on the tip of my finger to protect the nail from catching on anything and ripping it further. Good luck!

  2. It wasn't painful actually, isn't that weird??? I only discovered it after removing a dark color and having it get "in between" the nail layers...Orly Nail Rescue has been on it since! Love that stuff.

  3. why do you think the nail chips/ peels?

    sometime sit peels even when I have polish on.

    IT really bothers me and I've been trying tons of different things but I will try to find orly nail rescue on ebay.

  4. So, is it still on or off?

    Would drive me mad...
    Thank god for tips and acrylic.
    I can never ever have natural nails. ;)
    Saying it wrong...I won't =P

    You have some lovely natural nails on you, glad to see you take good care of them. =)

  5. Sorry to hear about the break! I love your nails, I don't think I can get mine as long as yours. One day I will try if my middle finger nail would just stop breaking! I cut mine all way down last night, just shy of nubbins and once the move is complete (tomorrow is the big day), the painting done & the unpacking done, I will try to grow them long again.

  6. Jealous of those long nails! You seem to bounce back quickly from any nail issues. Mine grow fast too, but gosh I sure wish I could get mine as long as yours.

  7. Hey R3, if I was doing all the moving you've been doing, I'd be at nubbins too. My favorite saying: the good thing about nails (and hair!) is, they Grow! You'll have your long and lovelies back in no time!

    Tropical Mind: You have great nails and though mine were long, I'm getting more compliments on them now that they are more "business appropriate" but, I'll grow 'em long again because I like 'em that way!

    Shortnails: everyone is different. For me, peeling nails happen when I use my nails as tools (to peel off a sticker or open something) which splits the nail layers, I have trouble if I don't wear gloves when I do housework or use strong chemicals, and they just plain won't grow if I don't keep them pretty in polish. Also, I found this article about it, so you might find some ideas here: http://bit.ly/2WGkg
    Hope that helps you!

  8. Your nails are gorgeous, and thanks for the Orly tip.

  9. Thank you sooo much for this post. I also have nails that peel. Namely my thumb, index and middle fingers on my right hand, tho any of my nails can and have peeled. But those three are the biggest culprits.

    Polish helps a lot. But seeing your success with the Orly Nail Rescue, I will have to track some down and try it. :D


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