Thursday, March 25, 2010

Emerald Sparkled Blog flat out copy mani.

Trincess over at Emerald Sparkled is having a fantastic giveaway and I've been putting off entering until I could find a mani I could replicate with the limited Konad disks that I have. That girls got them all, so it took me a while but I found this one: (her version)

and created this one using Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics Man Chaser with a coat of Nfu Oh 49 on top, then I used WnW black and SH Insta dry white for the stamping with layers of Seche Vite in between. Counting base coat and stamp layers, I have 9 coats of polish on my fingertips!!! 9, yikes Trincess! Here it is in all it's glory and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out:
and just to prove it was a full mani, here's the left hand:
This concludes today's post, now I shall head on over to Emerald Sparkled to enter the giveaway. Come on over with me!


  1. That is so cute! Great job!

  2. You did a great job, love everything about it, especially the bows... <3

  3. This looks awesome! Too cute =) Great copy I might add!

  4. beautiful!!!! you did it to the last detail! =DDD Thank you for the participation =) <3

  5. Great job! Love the bows too! :)
    I did my mani yesterday with those bows, they are super cute!
    I was waiting for this post, I mean your entry to Trincess contest. ;)

  6. You did a wonderful job!! How could you place those bows so perfectly (my mani for Trincess contest is so "un-streight")??

  7. did you have to double stamp the image? I am trying very hard to grow out my nail and I have found that some of my nails are too fat or too long for the entire image plate to cover it so I have to double stamp but usually 3/10 fingers look good after double stamping. care to share any tips/ secrets :)


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