Monday, March 1, 2010

Holy Holo Fun Batman!!!

I have acquired quite the collection of Holo Polishes...and yet, my collection is incomplete and I need MORE! HEHEHEE!
I had some fun with Milani, China Glaze and Color Club and the intermittent sunlight we had yesterday while waiting for the Tsunami to hit the Santa Barbara Coast. Things were a little tense downtown, but here at home we have an 80 foot drop from the bluffs to the ocean, so I wasn't worried. It turned out to be uneventful but with all the earthquakes happening, the hubster and I decided we would be wise to make sure we have plenty of bottled water in case the big one hits close to home. Santa Barbara is somewhat isolated from travel in the event of a big disaster as we learned when the mountain fell in 2005 cutting us off from most suppliers. Our grocery stores were almost bare when they finally reopened the roads.
Our lifestyle has us basically prepared anyway, but we need to keep a few gallons of fresh water on board too...but I digress into unhappy things..., let's move on to polish, shall we?

I chose Milani HD and China Glaze OMG to compare and play with, Take a quick look:

What you're looking at: from Pinkie to Thumb: Milani HD 3 coats, ChG OMG 3 coats, OMG topped with HD 2 coats OMG, 1 coat HD, HD 3 coats with ChG Matte Magic over the top, and on the thumb I did OMG on the left side (upper in this pic) and the omg/hd combo like on the middle finger on the right side (lower in this pic) then I put Matte Magic over the top.

Let me say first off, putting a matte topcoat over a holo, takes away the Holo completely...and you cannot get it back. Nope, not even if you put a shiny topcoat on top. Look:
See? Nuthin'.
Let's move on, shall we?

Here's a closer look, side by side: click it!

Now, I don't own Nfu Oh #62, but I think Middle finger just found a good dupe! I'm telling you, getting that smooth rainbow topped with the chunkier one and it was blingtastic! Gorgeous! Those of you who do own the Glorious #62, please tell me what you think, I need to know if I still need to add it to my hubby's buy list. :)

I love Holos for their color and for their drying time. I will say that HD was MUCH easier to apply, just smooth and nice as I don't give each layer much drying time, I don't have the time! :)  OMG was a bear, dragging polish for the first two layers so I applied it a bit more thickly for the third and it evened out. I used no top coat for the non-matte nails.

I will definitely layer the Milani Holographic polishes over the corresponding China Glaze OMG series colors because it's just so much more holographic. I like having options!

PS: For those of you having issues with blogger, be it posting, commenting or whatever. Get Google Chrome. DO EET NAO!! It works seamlessly and I am in heaven.


  1. I have been using Chrome for about a year, and YES!!!! GET IT!!!

    Explorer is a total mess....


    *hearts holo*

  2. Bah I need these!!! I have Worth the Risque, but these look more HOLO!

  3. @Lisa Kate: Hang tight girlfriend, Wild at Heart comparison with ChG and Milani coming up!

  4. Um, do you just realize, you turned a holo whore into a LAYERING holo whore? Crap. And now, I'm gonna have to get nfu oh 62 because I'll have to compare. Oh well, I haven't Nfu oh hauled in a while. Great comps.

  5. I love these! And I love them LAYERED! So pretty. Not so much on the matte, though.
    I have Google Chrome! I will NOT go back to other browsers. It's the best.

  6. @Scandalous HAHAHAA!!! I knew you'd love this one. I need Nfu Oh 62 and 557 girl. Purple holo coming up soon!

  7. @Tiffany and Nicole: Google Chrome is amazing. :)

  8. I have to put a holo in my wish-list ^_^, and thanks for the tip of getting Google Chrome, lately mi internet connection sucks :(.


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