Monday, March 15, 2010

Quick update and posts coming up

Hi everyone! Did you all get your entries into all the contests happening this month??? For some, the deadline is TODAY so get on over if you didn't...and check out the two over in my contest box on the left.

I've been a little swamped at is a big deadline so I worked eleven and a half hours this weekend to help the team meet it, I think we're good, but we'll double check that today. We're in the home stretch for deadline #2 coming up in April so I'll be somewhat overwhelmed by all of that for a while.

Generally, I get a lot of my post work done on the weekend (photos and such) and I didn't have the weekend to do much of that. The time I did have was spent reorganizing my stash and adding another layer to my stash bin. Which means I'll have to have another giveaway soon! Though I love them all, I just can't justify the space they take up and I have NEVER owned so many bottles of polish in my entire LIFE! Nail bloggers are dangerous to an addict like me!!!  I love them anyway, their pictures and blogs inspire me.

I recently received the shipment from Miss Marion! and I'm excited to share that with you. She may just get some of you "frost" haters to love a frost. No, seriously, she just might!  So swatches and info about Miss Marion coming up in a few days.

I also have some Cheeky Monkey! Andrea is Superwoman! I don't know how she does all she does, but I bet that woman is eeking out every inch of what life has to offer. I have 4 colors to show you, but so far, I've only worn 2 as full manis. I want to test out wear as well as application and formula. (so far, I am impressed!)

I have a few hauls I've picked up, but didn't photograph. I'll just say I got Color Club Electro Candy collection with Vivid top coat for 8 bux at Ross last week. And I picked up some stuff at Transdesign, including my first bottle of Essie Matte about you which came with a bottle of Wicked. I'm anxious to try the matte top coat and see how it compares to ChG's. I got some more from the Up & Away collection - Sugar High and Four Leaf Clover, a back up of Atlantis, (gawd I love that color!!) and ChG Carnival Lights (which looks pretty amazing on top of Cheeky Money Social Climber.

I'm also waiting for my giveaway wins to arrive. I won some Zoyas and Sinfuls from Scandalous and I won April and Ashley over at Concrete and Nail Polish's first giveaway. So I'm looking forward to those arriving soon.

I'll get posts up in a day or two, thanks for your patience...I wish I could go back to bed now...but I'm off to work!

Have a shiney, sparkly, glossy day!


  1. You're really lucky! I've entered hundreds of giveaways, but never won any :(

  2. hopefully the zoyas will arrive today. i mailed them last wed. but east to west cost takes foreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevvvver!

  3. Scandalous: Whoo Hoo! More haulage! And yes, it does!
    Rhea: Hang in there, your luck has gotta turn!


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