Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oscar night

I am a nail blogger failure.

I just sat through the entire Oscar show and never ONCE paid any attention to fingertips. I was in awe of the gowns and OMG did you see Sandra Bullock? I don't think I have EVER seen her look more glamorous. (OK, I admit it, I have a girl-crush on Sandy...happy now???)

China Glaze Something Sweet with a sprinkle of a Sally Beauty supply sparkle,
topped, of course, with Seche Vite

I really didn't see a gown I didn't absolutely love. Every woman had a gown that was perfect for her figure, her coloring and her age. I love the glamor of Oscar night! I get emotional for some speeches and some of the presentations. I cried a lot tonight. I ain't afraid to admit it!

I missed out on volunteering at our local film festival due to health issues - which I am still dealing with - and therefore missed out on actually seeing Sandra Bullock life and in person here in town. SAD PANDA...very very sad.

I just made my hubby swear that next year, he will drive me up to the red carpet on his motorcycle, drop me off to enjoy the show, and pick me up after (he has no interest). We'll stay at a local hotel and ride the bike home the next morning. All I heard on the radio today was how difficult parking was in Hollywood today, so the motorcycle solves that, (as well as the hubby's reason for heading to Hollywood!) So now, I just hope next year's movies are worthy of my attendance. LOL!!!

On a serious note: I will be glad to be there next year, but I do feel like I missed the dream by missing this year. The SBIFF and the Academy Awards, the Golden's been an amazing year for my girl, and I missed seeing her enjoy the ride...well sort of.
Not being a "glass half empty" girl, I am thinking next year will be super fabulous and will work toward having long glorious nails painted meticulously in some fabulous design. So, who's going with me???

Have a shiny, sparkley and shimmery day!


  1. It was a complete opposite for me - I did my nail through the entire show, and glanced at the tv just when they announced the winners.

    I did paid attention to the red carpet part though, I love Sandra's gown too. And I was so tempted to turn the TV off when I saw Miley Cyrus. Have nobody ever told her anything about posture? She hunched like an old man.

  2. Your post is so cute and fun :)
    And you're nails are gorgoeus... :)
    You know, i actually haven't seen any of the oscar nominated movies (except Preciuos)... I should dedicate my next weekend to that :)

  3. I love that manicure! So simple and sweet. And guess what?!? You just won the first Follower Appreciation Giveaway from Concrete and Nail Polish! Congratulations! Woohoo! I'll send you an email shortly.

  4. Hah! I was just thinking the same thing about the Oscars! I sat down and watched the whole show...and not once did I notice someone's nails, I was just so wowed by all the fabulous gowns.

    Your pink nails are lovely, by the way. The glitter edging is quite unique and gives it that added sparkle. Sorry you had to miss being at the Oscars in person, but I live close enough to drive and I wouldn't dare it with all the atrocious traffic. Good luck with next year!

  5. Aaww! This such a sweet post!

    And your nails look even sweeter!
    I love it, the color looks great on you.
    And I'm with you on Sandra Bullock! YEAH!

  6. Such a cute mani! I love the sparkle detail too =) And yeah I know what you mean about SB - she is awesome! My mom loves her too =)

  7. Thanks for the sweet comments, ladies. You're all so nice. LUBS YOU ALL BUNCHES!!!

    April, really??? Sweet Awesome-sauce-ness! I guess I better stop entering giveaways and let other's have a shot. :)

  8. Very pretty nails, very oscar-esque!

  9. Lol - I have a confession - I didn't even watch the Oscars :X I was busy doing work!

  10. It's so pretty, very delicate! :)

  11. Well, you sure have a awesome plan to catch next year's Oscars! :D

    Love your nails, btw. I like that subtle glam you gave it with the sprinkle of sparkles. :)


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