Monday, March 1, 2010

My Illamasqua Dream Color

Actually I have two. If that disqualifies be it.

First one:

I even have a name for it: "Santa Barbara" after the plant that inspires the idea: (Word count begins here as this is the description) 

A beautiful, soft sage green with the barest hint of silver shimmer to make it so much like the silvery leaves of the plant but then a stronger sprinkling of a red violet shimmer, like the flower this lovely bush dons from spring to summer. 

It would be Scrangie in reverse and softer, more feminine. A green polish any woman would love.

Second one:

A duochrome with rich blue base the color of the sky or ocean at sunset, with duochrome colors that come through being the pink/purple/orange/amber of the clouds that float in that glorious blue. These are sunsets over the American Riviera. This color is all about the drama!

ah heck, I could do a series of color to represent the area...even a silvery blackened brown named Tea Fire Ash, for which a portion of it's sales would go toward one of the many charities we have in place to help all the people and programs in the area that have been devastated by all the recent fires here.

If I only get one entry, then I pick the, the duochrome! no! Sage! No Duochrome! aaaagggghhh!


  1. I really love both of your ideas. They would really be gorgeous!

  2. I'd go with Sage. Illamasqua hasn't done duochromes, I wouldn't want "my" polish to be their first. Eek. What if it was failtastic?

  3. I think the sunset duochrome would be neat.


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