Sunday, April 4, 2010

Trailer Trash

Cheeky Monkey Trailer Trash, that is. :)  As soon as I saw the post about Cheeky Monkey on the Vampy Varnish blog, I went to the website, fell for Trail Trash and sent an email via their contact form. I heard from Andrea just about instantly and having no pride, I asked for some freebies which, after a bit of chat, she agreed to send. I've already reviewed Social Climber and so here I have for you the lot I received. (check out my coolio jammies that I thought complimented the bottles so well! 
I've since worn them all and shown you a couple: Social Climber and Man Chaser, so here I bring you my chosen color: Trailer Trash. I love the name and thought the color would be a bit more on the lavender side according to the website so I will admit I was a little disappointed to find it was just a pink polish.
Then I put it on...and yes, it's another pink polish, but there's something not so "Barbie" about it that I really like. This is two coats of Wet Dream, Two self-leveling coats of Trailer Trash followed by 2 coats of I Like it on Top and then one coat of Seche because I need that to be able to sleep at night. :)
I do wish it were more lavender as it shows on the website, but I love the name and the formula is the most amazing formula I've ever encountered in all my years of nail polish. I'm enthralled by the Cheeky Monkey and a fan for life. I'll soon own them all but I think my first purchase will include No Bra, Pour Me One, Raunchy Bitch and Romp for starters.
The formula and pigmentation on these is amazing. By now, you all know I love this brand so I'll leave it at that and let you look at more pictures of the beautiful.

til next time
~The Lizard


  1. That's a lovely, rather muted pink but without being sticky sweet. And the name is so hilariously charming. :D

  2. Yay!! so nice colors to review.
    I like the names ^_^.

  3. Wet Dream is really pretty!!


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