Sunday, April 18, 2010

Posts coming

Hey everyone, sorry for no posting, been busy at work, hubby got really sick, I had a few days off and just went crazy with taking some "me time" and shopping some...had a mani-pedi done by a co-worker who is a licensed nail tech at a super clean salon, OMG that was really cool. Pics to come.
Have an appointment this coming Tuesday with the Orthopedic Surgeon to schedule knee surgery and I'm happy to finally be on the road to being able to ride my bike again and walk the 10 min hike to the beach from my front door! Summer's coming and I'll be damned if I'm going to sit here like a lump because it hurts too much to do the things I love to do. SO...I'm happy, and will keep you posted. :)

I have lots of pictures and posts to share, just took the needed time off after crunch time at work to relax and recharge. I thought I'd get to some posts today, but I spent the day catching up with all the blogs I follow! I am sorry if I didn't post a comment, it was all I could do to read them all! I love the creativity and hearing how everyone is doing, so please forgive me for not commenting this week. It's been CRAZY!!

Have a fantastic week!
~The Lizard


  1. I'm happy you will be able to get your knee fixed! It will be tough but it will be worth it! :D

  2. Skulda, SOOOOO worth it. :) I am so over this schtuff.

  3. Oohh can not wait to see the salon manicure, was the salon in Santa Barbara? I visit in that area often in the summer?

  4. Oh Jackie! I'd love to meet you! Please let me know when you're here! And yes, it was Aqua Nail Bar on Upper State Street. Really NICE and clean salon.


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