Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Miss Marion - The Frosts

Here we have the collection of Frosts I received from J. Pinon Cosmetics, the makers of Miss Marion Nail Polish.

The players from left to right front row first we have - Red Volcano, Confetti, Malva Rose, Garnet, Platinum Champagne and Brown Sugar.
I left Garnet and Platinum untried as I only have 5 fingers and you know I have to review Garnet by herself. :)

Here we have Red Volcano, a frosty red orange and very vibrant!
followed by Malva Rose a frost rosy pink
next up Confetti a super silvered rosy pink. Note: the tone of Malva Rose and Confetti is the same, the frost is much more intense in Confetti and lightens it up, makes it almost chrome-like.
and skipped Garnet to save her for a future post and went to the back row and chose Champagne. I imagine a platinum blonde rocking this color with a black gown. It's very frosty.
and for the thumb I used Brown Sugar, a gorgeous glimmering brown frost.
I know a lot of you are not fans of the frost, but I would urge you to give Miss Marion Frosts a chance. Some of them are brush stroke-y but many of them are just beautiful. Look at that brown! They appear a lot more like the best chrome polishes out there, just shiny metallic goodness adding to the pretty color.
I've always loved the Miss Marion Frosted polishes, they just know how to do a frost the right way....simply gorgeous.
What do you think?
Til next time!
~The Lizard


  1. Very pretty!! I love the second one :)

  2. Frosts don't really rock my boat, but I'm loving Brown Sugar.

  3. That Red Volcano is HOT! These are giving me a 70's flashback. Remember how hot frosts were in the early and mid 70's! To much fun!

  4. I'm a little dubious about Red Volcano and Brown Sugar falling under the classification of a frost formula despite what is printed on the bottle. They look like strong shimmers.

    That said, these shades are lovely! Thank you for sharing them with us!

  5. they all look nice. I especially like Red Volcano and Confetti,but can't wait to see Garnet!

  6. the colors are gorgeous!!! I usually have terrible issues with application with frosts, but these look like they didn't have much application problems

  7. I think the last frost I wore as a full mani was in...like...the late 1970s. I believe Cutex was the brand.

    After seeing this post, I'm thinking that some Konading/fauxnading would look stunning over a frost mani.

  8. I'm with Lisa, I bet these would look cool in a design! And I LOVE those bottles.

  9. I was given your name by the manufacturer of Miss Marion. We are a distributor of their products and we ship only fresh merchandise as all orders are produced on an order by order basis. Orders take 48 hours before that are ready for shipment as they are made fresh daily. We sell orders in dozen lots for the the 1/2 oz. and two dozen lots for 4 oz. We also carry Garnet and Top Coat and they can be order in 3 packs. I can be reached at bill@jbktrading.com our website is www.jbktrading.com.



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