Saturday, April 24, 2010

All is well, I'm still a bit "out of it"

Just wanted to update you all, you're all a bunch of AWESOME. It warmed my heart to read all the well wishes so I just want to say THANK YOU for that. It meant so much to me that are kind people in the world. I love that about this crazy hobby we all share. :)
I'm high on Darvocet for the pain so I won't be posting much, Doc said when he was in the knee, "there was a lot more than just the miniscus going on in there" which I suspect means I had some torn up cartilage. More about that on Thursday, but that would explain the pain I was having prior to the BIG pain that put me on crutches. :)  All the nurses were asking me what nail polish I had on and when they revealed my tootsies and saw Zoya Charla there, they had to know what it was and where to find it!
In my stupor yesterday, somehow I broke my right middle fingernail down to a nubbin. I haven't had a nubbin for 2 years. I tried to save it with Orly Nail rescue, but I was a bit out of it and something went wrong. I dunno what, but I'll never try to save a nail while under the influence again. So, I cut them all shorter a couple weeks back, I'll just keep them shorter til this one catches up. Poor little guy.
I'm going to try to get all my giveaway entries posted up and then it's nap time again, Jeez I am sleeping a lot! Hopefully I'll have myself back in a day or two. Nope, naptime first it seems.
I just wanted you all to know I'm doing well and I can't wait to get back on my bicycle!
NOTW has been NARS Purple Rain, it's so pretty!
I have photos of toes, but not of fingers....mani is holding up so I will take them soon.


  1. Take care of you and get well! ((hugs))

  2. wow, that darvocet is some strong stuff! i hope it "smooths" out your recovery! i think the worst thing about taking strong drugs after surgery is overdoing it... i was actually getting up and going to the bathroom and stuff without a crutch since the drugs were so strong i wasn't feeling anything! lol... take care!

  3. I hope you heal quickly and feel back to yourself again soon. xoxo!

  4. It's so nice of you to update us! You really should be resting in bed (and not blogging!). ;)

    Great to know that you're on your way to recovery. Take care now. :)


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