Monday, April 5, 2010

Miss Marion - The Cremes

I received a rather large package from J Pinot, Inc. the makers of Miss Marion Nail Polish, for review. I will begin with the cremes in the package. Here are the players:
They are from left to right starting with the front row: Cocoa, Elizabeth, Carnival, Mamey, Midnight Red and Ebony.
 I don't yet have "where to find" information other than you can order direct from the company for now by writing to
First up is Cocoa, a light nude creme that covers well in two coats but I did three because I am a three coater by habit.
My Namesake - Elizabeth, didn't impress me much in the bottle, but after wearing this "Miss Marion Skittle" mani for a day, she really grew on me. A pretty rosy beige that is office friendly and elegant if maybe just a little bland. :)
Then we have Carnival a bright fiery red creme that wows at two coats. This one leans just a little orange, but it's sexy!
And Mamey, a rich lady in red that I just love.
Sexy, no?
And then there is this Midnight Red a gorgeous deep red-brown similar in color to Cheeky Monkey's Social Climber. Maybe I'll do a comparison in the future.
These applied without any issues. The formula is B3F and they've got it down quite nicely. I thought the consistency of these was very easy to work with, stayed where I applied it and spread "like buttah" :) They dried just fine with a coat of Seche Vite on top and wore extremely well the next day when I shuffled at least 2000 pages of paper while assembling a bazillion tax returns. I did see a few marks on the white pages as the polish left traces when my nails scratched the paper, but it was mostly Mamey and Carnival as they were on the index and middle fingers, the ones I use the most for the task I was doing at the time.

Cocoa was a bit too light for me as I tend to go toward the more dramatic colors, but I am betting it would be the perfect nude for someone out there. Elizabeth grew on me and I'm quite fond of my namesake. :) Carnival suits it's name quite well as it's a very festive red, Mamey is just plain sexy, and Midnight Red is a great go to color. 

Next up, the frosts...but tell me, what do you think of these cremes?
til next time!
~The Lizard


  1. I like them, very glossy! I cant wait to see the frosts!

  2. I don't like cremes,myself. I am not sure why I don't like them. I have always preferred something with a nice frosty shimmer! I do wish that I could begin to like cremes. Maybe one day!

  3. These all look like nice basics. I've never heard of the brand before. The bottles are fabulously retro.

  4. Sylvia - I'll post them up tomorrow
    Starlight - I honestly didn't KNOW Miss Marion made cremes! I was just looking for Garnet.
    PaintedLadyFingers- Aren't the bottles great? They've not changed them as far back as I can remember (at least 30 years!) the bottles have looked like this. They are all pretty basic colors, nothing spectacular, but a great formula.

  5. I love both reds and the cocoa looks great too!

  6. The cremes look nice, nothing surprising, but what DID surprise me was the cool retro bottle shape, I remember my moms polishes from the 70's having this same bottle shape, so neat!

  7. Konadomania - Cocoa is kinda fun just a bit too light for me.

    Jackie - Even the lettering with the "starbursts" is so retro. Love.


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