Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Purple Holo Comparison

I did this comparison back when I did the Silver holo comparison, but it took me a while to learn more about The Gimp so I could get these pictures together for you. It's been a fun time (really) learning how to use this open source program!

On to the polish. I wanted to compare Milani Hi-Res, China Glaze IDK and LOL (both from the OMG collection), and Color Club's Wild at Heart.

I started with Hi-Res on my pinkie:
IDK went on the Ring Finger (I have no idea what that wrinkle on the tip is about):
Wild at Heart on the Middle Finger (with matte top coat on the tip = Fail)
LOL on the Index Finger (again with Matte tip = less fail but still fail):
And then I did the layering of IDK with Hi-Res over the top:
When you look at the Thumb next to the pinkie - Just like the Silver Holo comparison, the rainbow is more pronounced in the layering and the sparkle of Hi-Res adds interest.:
And again I applied matte topcoat to half the thumb and it basically lost all it's holo-y goodness, but I had to try. Since I did this at the same time as the Silver holos, I hadn't learned NOT to matte a Holo. Here's the full line up:

Wild at Heart and LOL are very much the same color with Wild at Heart having a chunkier look, not quite as chunky as Hi-Res, but chunkier than the smoothness of LOL and IDK. Wild at Heart seems to have a bit more purple to it, but they are very similar. All of these colors, like holos do, dried in record time so I had to work quickly to apply them smoothly. 
I love them all and I'm glad I have every single one!
Til next time!
~The Lizard 


  1. i love the layering experiment- can't wait for summer to arrive so i can wear holo's all the time and then stare at my nails :P

  2. Awesome comparison! I love purples and holo's! Sniff sniff, and I have none of those! If you had to chose, which one is your favorite?

  3. is there one your particular one you like the best?

    I think I NEED one ..a purple holo..but which one?

    wild at heart has been pulling on my heart strings.

    -li lian

  4. I love the layered look! Thanks for the comparison.

  5. Silly Women! I didn't pick a favorite because I love them all. I would say to you, pick the one you're drawn to, that's the right one for you!


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