Monday, April 12, 2010

Claire's Mood Polish in Wild/Calm

Just a few words. I need all of these. That is all.

and see them in action, notice the index finger got warmer...

Need them all. Today please.


  1. This is awesome! Beautiful on your pretty long nails.

  2. Those are so seriously cool! I want them all too! I haven't bought a new nail polish in forever. I keep seeing people post these mood polishes and I think I need to go check them out.

  3. That looks amazing on you!

    I couldn't believe that was the only shimmery one, but they are so much fun.


  4. Wow super pretty!
    I want that pink one for sure! ^_^.
    I have an award for you;

  5. OOoow woow this one is great!!!! I want them too. I want them bad. But unfortunately I can not get them here in Slovenia. Any suggestions? :((
    Well, have fun! :*

  6. so annoying. We dont have these in the Uk Claires yet! SO want to try them myself!

  7. I like this one and the one called Funky/Fabulous! On you they give you a french tip look! Nice!

  8. I just love this polish! We were so lucky to win them all from Laura at SAWANS! Put a top coat on if you didn't, it makes a huge difference!

  9. Jessica: Thank you! I try to keep them long, but it takes a lot of help from Orly nail rescue!
    Tropical Mind: Hey girl, get them! RUN, don't walk!
    Laura: You are awesome to give so many sets away, I'm still having trouble finding them!
    Arie: (and Romika) Thank you! How fun to get a tag! I'll get right on this!
    Tiana, I'm always up for swappin' but have to find them first. If I do, I'll let you know!
    Sakara: I hope they show up for you soon!
    Starlight: I want them all, Funky/fab is that the yellow/green one?
    Sylvia: I didn't! I took it off and did other things since, but I'll do that next time. These are fun and work even when there is no sun, but I've got some fun sun ones to share when Santa Barbara gets done with rainy season, (one of the rainiest in awhile)

  10. It's very pretty. I also have that one. I posted the green one on my blog but wish my pics were better. Did you get the grey one? I didn't see it at my claires :)

  11. Yes I have all of them except the green/yellow and the grey. they are so fun!

  12. I love claire's mood !!
    i have a giveaway on my blog come on see if you want !!


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