Thursday, April 1, 2010

This Just In: Fabulous Street is having a sale on Nfu Oh

My email box had this little surprise in it today:


April, Spring Break, Easter Special

All Polishes are priced at discounted prices.

We are clearing our inventory on the Discontinued Paint Series (No. 133-282)
They are marked 30% off.

All other polishes are marked on 10-20% off.

OFFER Valid from 04/01/2010 until 04/30/2010

Please send us an inquriy for additonal question.

Prices, specifications and availability suject to change with notice. (No
raincheck on purhcases)

In the past you provided with your email address.
Occasionally, you will receive brief advertising announcement regarding
special items.  If you no longer want to receive these advertisments, please
click unsubscribe from home page. Please DO NOT CLICK REPLY, as the email
will not be read.

To contact us, please visit
PO Box 280832
San Francisco, CA 94128

Copyright © 2009
This email address was given to us by you or by one of our customers. If you
feel that you have received this email in error, please send an email to
This e-mail is sent in accordance with the US CAN-SPAM Law in effect
01/01/2004. Removal requests can be sent to this address and will be honored
and respected.


  1. Thanks! I haven't even checked my e-mail today! But this is good news. LOL! All I have is flakies from them. They sure are pretty,but a gal can't live on flakies alone! ;-)

  2. Woo Hoo! I hope you get over your sick bug! Have you ever tried Airborne, the fizzy tabs made by the school teacher? They work awesome for your immune system. If you haven't tried them check them out!

  3. I got this email 2 days after i placed an order, I'm a little pissed..I can not believe I missed the sale prices by two days


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