Sunday, May 2, 2010

Playing with Makeup at Macy's - Picture Heavy

Saturday before Surgery (we'll call it SaBS heheee) I went out with my friend for some shopping and drinks and a makeover at Sephora or wherever we could get one for free. :) We stopped at Sephora, The MAC store, and hit the Nordstroms cosmetics area and got no offers. Though I did swatch NARS Purple Rain at Nordstroms, they were out of it so I ran back to Sephora to grab the last bottle. It's so pretty! (I did swatch it, but we've seen it a bazillion times, do you really want to see it again?)

We had given up and were winding down when we stopped in at Macy's to look at shoes and clothing since there was a sale happening. On the way out of the store, these two lovely young women offered to do our make up for us. Of course we happily accepted though now it was late and we were just going to go home and wash it off, but I love to see what I'll learn from someone else doing my makeup and also, I might discover something I really like. Which, in this case, I did.

My friend went over to the Clarins counter for her makeover and I sat at the Lancome counter for mine.

I had so much fun with Erika! She and I laughed and talked and I basically let her do what she wanted..."Just this short of drag queen." I said, holding my fingers a sliver apart. She got excited and went to work. My friend and I were hollering across the makeup floor back and forth (it was a slow night there.) and then we got our picture taken. Here we are in our glory.
And yes! My hair IS purple. :) I'm a purple haired old lady and I LOVE it. 
No Flash
I wasn't crazy about the foundation at the time, but it looks pretty good in the pictures.

These are the lovely young women who made us feel special that night, with no pressure to buy anything, though I did find something...It's coming, I promise!
Here is Danika and Erica (I hope I spelled their names correctly!)
Janika on the left, Erica on the right. Pretty girls aren't they? There were so much fun. I hope they'll come visit and see that I did finally get to posting them up here!

What did I buy? I purchased an eyeshadow. THE eyeshadow Erica used on my makeover. It's Lancome "Luring" and it's this amazing purple shadow with green shimmer or is it green shadow with purple shimmer. In the container, it looks like this:

As you can see, it's a different color depending on how the light hits it. This is shadow that pretty much does the highlighting and contouring for you. Look:
Lancome Luring eyeshadow. Check it out! That is ALL I have one here. Nothing else. I love this and I know some of my readers make colors that do this but I haven't a clue which ones they are, but this simplifies the morning routine so much I want if you make shadows that do this, please drop me an email with link(s) and shadow names so that I can check them out. Thanks in advance, I really love how this looks AND saves me so much time in the morning. I like doing all the shading myself too, but for mornings that I don't leave myself enough time, this is perfect and I want more of them.

Whew! that's (finally) all for the Makeover post, I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know if picture heavy posts are an issue and I'll make adjustments. All my photos should be clickable to view larger too.

Have great Day or Night wherever you are!
Lacquered Lizard

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