Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Man, healing takes a while and my back is stupid

Sorry I have no pictures or interesting posts at the moment. I'm sad not to deliver, especially when I have so much to share! But alas, my knee is really sore today (no I didn't do too much, just regular stuff) and my back is threatening to go OUT so I am going to lay myself down and read and go to sleep.
I'll see the chirocracker tomorrow, he'll fix me up and I'll be back to post tomorrow.
The saddest thing of ALL? I haven't done anything but clear polish for the past 2 days!!!!
Will post tomorrow, promise!


  1. Aw no worries! Just rest up and relax!

  2. We miss you, but you will be back to your old self in no time! Hey I always say clear is better than nothing =)

  3. Just heal, and relax and we will be here when you are better! Praying for fast healing for you my dear!

  4. Feel better!!! I'm having a giveaway btw.


  5. You need to rest!! I hope your appointment with the chiropractor went well. :)


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