Sunday, May 2, 2010

Charla Pedi and Painting a Friend's Nails

A couple weeks ago (the weekend before knee surgery) I did a little shopping, a little visiting, treated myself to a mani-pedi done by someone I know at a very clean, high end salon, shipped out a bunch of packages (finally got my giveaway packages shipped as well as the box to Trincess and a friend in Canada who swapped me some ChG for some Gosh. Yep, Gosh is available in Canada. (Swatches of the Gosh' coming soon)

I know I mentioned Charla for my pedi so here she is and she is <3 <3 <3 to me, right up there with Atlantis. I need multiple backups of this lovely lady, she's amazing.  This is the color the people at the surgery center were wowed with when they saw my feet. Hehehe, after the surgery, one of the assistants stopped by when I was recovering and said, "I took a look at your toes while you were out, and you were right, those are  pretty!" he was funny.  Here are my tootsies, fair warning!

Why yes, those ARE my King Neptune Deep Sea Diving Flippers! :)
Love my new Sandals and I Love this gorgeous color!

After that, we had lunch, then I went and grabbed a few Zoya's to add to Trincess' box so she didn't have to wait for the next box and then we went to Macy's so that my friend could pick up Estee Lauder's Ultra Violet. She loves purple and we'd swatched it the night before, then Sunday we added Zoya Mimi and NARS Purple Rain to her fingers so she could choose one. She picked the most expensive one, but it truly is a gorgeous color. She offered to let me do my laundry at her house so I went home, picked that up along with nail polishing supplies, and then it was off to her house where we had some wine, I painted her nails and we had some fun.

My friend has the cutest Beagles. I call 'em Bagels just because it's fun. Maggie is the gorgeous older gal and Jack is the handsome young pup.

This is Magg-pie. :) She's 12 or 13 or something like that.
This Jack, isn't he purdy?
Jack up close and personal. :)
And I usually take my doggy over there, as they all get along well together and Ally has spent sometime at my friend's house while I travel to faraway places. 
Ally Keeping a sharp eye on the door to make sure I don't leave her there. 
We had some wine and I got to painting and this "Ultra Violet" is so pretty, I'm going to have to borrow it sometime.

Ok, I suck at painting OTHER people's nails. But she learned a lot about nail care and she LOVED the color so I was happy for her. 

I know you've all see this one, but I like showing my friends nails with color because it shows how the color might look on a different skin tone from where you've seen it before, and I like to share the fun I have sharing my passion for polish with my friends. Do you share yours with your friends that don't share your penchant for polish? Look at me, I'm being witty!

Have a great night, more to come...
Lacquered Lizard


  1. It seems you had too much fun =) Thats great I wish I had someone closed here =(

    By the way I never tried Zoya still looking around to find somewhere this lacquers ~~~

  2. Zoya Charla looks amazing!

  3. Cute doggies! Loving the pedi as well.

  4. Love the pedi - I still have to send my box in for the Zoya exchange - maybe I will have time today. Fingers crossed! Ultra Violet was so much darker on me! Wish it looked like it does on your friend. Love the dogs - too cute!

  5. ooooh the doggies are soo cute
    magpie <3 what a sweet name
    its so odd i try painting my mother's nails and it never turns out as nice as when i paint my nails. It baffles me, why is it so difficult? lol
    her hands are darker than mine so its amazing to see how different colours look on her than myself :D

  6. I'm loving Charla and glad you are healing!


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