Friday, May 7, 2010

New Rating System For My Blog

I love the rating system over at Wizards of Bling and so I've come up with a rating system only a Lizard could love, but it fits the blog and my personality so I'm going with it!

Ratings will be listed at the end of reviews going forward, so here is the key:

(Based on the Temperature of the my favorite basking rock)

Chilly - Lizards don't move well when they're cold, this one is NOT a keeper
Tepid - Some warmth is better than none, we'll hang on to this one to see if it warms up
Balmy - Now the lizard can move around a bit, this one might get worn again
Toasty - Ahh, finally the Lizard can get something DONE, this one is a keeper!
Sizzling! - Once in a while, you need a little extra heat to get movin'! A favorite! Buy a back up bottle!

Hope you find it helpful. It's labeled in case you need check back here for the key to my new rating system.


  1. As a fellow lizard, I 100% support this awesome rating system!

  2. :) Liz, I'm truly happy to hear that. Took me a while to figure it out. :)

  3. Hi! The rating system is cute and goes so well with your theme. Good thinking!

  4. the rating system is lovely!!!! =)


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