Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Busy weeks past, busy weeks ahead

I swear I have some really great comparison swatches to post! Really I do! I took notes and EVERYTHING!!!

I've just been busy with work projects and now physical therapy (not for the knee though, that's just FINE.) and getting ready to go to Seattle to visit my son. Haven't seen him since Feb 17th or so, and therefore, I am VERY excited!  I'm going to see one of my BFF's and her daughter (known this woman for 35 years. OMG 35 YEARS!!! Will reconnect with some cousins up that way and thereby connect my son with some extended family peeps who he can keep in touch with and can lend a hand when mom, (that's me) is too far away to help.

I've been doing a bunch of swap prep and the shipments, I think there are 5 or 6 of them, are just about ready to go so they'll hopefully go out today or tomorrow.

So I will be amazed if I get anything posted before my trip (I leave Saturday and return June 5th) go ahead robbers, show up at my door, you'll find a few surprises waiting for you there. >:-D>

It's going to be rain the whole time, unfortunately, so I'm trying to decide on a mani to start with, then maybe shop the Ulta there, I need NYX Paradise! :)

Hugs all Around!
~The Lizard


  1. How are you feeling now?? I hope well :) How exciting and fun for you. I don't know why but the Grateful Dead popped in my head...."trouble ahead..trouble behind...." Oh, I'm awful.

  2. Awww, thanks Skulda!
    Nicole, thanks for asking! I'm feeling better, I think the physical therapy is going to work as long as I do the work they give me to do each day. So far, I've got about 30 mins twice a day. It's hard, but I can tell it's what I need to do. He says lay off the knee for a's still healing.

  3. I hope you had great trip and that you're feeling much better now with the physical therapy sessions. :)

  4. You are being missed by us all!

  5. OHHHHH LIZZZ!!!!! We miss you! come show us your comparisons!


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