Sunday, May 2, 2010


I always forget to post up my hauls, but I did take a picture of my winnings from the giveaway that I won from Nail Addicts Anonymous
How fun is that?? Some lemmings fulfilled right here folks: Shower Together and Tree Hugger are now mine, Jade is the New Black, oh yeah. Sno Cone? You betcha! The Essies are all so pretty, I wouldn't have picked them myself, but now that I have them, pretty! And Awaken? Sweet! Lemon Fizz? Almost a complete set of Up and Away. Mint Mojito is pretty too as are the other two blues from ChG who's names escape as I type this.

I have already swatched a couple of the Essies, so you'll see those in a few posts.

I love Giveaways and I'm currently putting together a rather large one in honor of my 200 follower mark.
I have a question: Any one have an issue with a combined winnings package including new and never used polish as well as one time swatched? (usually just on one nail...I've been swatching and culling to reduce my overgrown stash and my polishes need a happy home.

Let me know your thoughts PLEASE!


  1. What a fun group there!
    I don't see anything wrong with putting swatched polishes in a giveaway. I mean we all swap used so why not!

  2. ELIZABETHHH!!! AWESOMEEEE and congrats on winning again! I don't see what's wrong with giving away swatched polishes.. I mean in the end they're free to the winner aren't they? Plus, as Evil Angel says, we all swap used so why the heck not?! =D BTW, congrats on the RBL win at R3Beauty! I was excited to see that you won that too!!! Now when we get our prizes we can post swatches! =D FUN, and my very first RBL's! Every better!!! =D

  3. Oooh what lovely polishes! I wouldn't care about swatched polishes myself.

  4. I'm so glad you like them! Can't wait to see them on your nails!

  5. I wouldn't mind swatched polishes in a giveaway. I was just thinking about this myself...I'm 30 followers off 200 so it's a long way off but I too love giveaways!

  6. The polishes look so nice! And I wouldn't mind the swatched polishes either, it would be better to give them away in stead of never using them again right?

  7. Great haul, and there is nothing wrong with putting swatched polish in a giveaway as long as you let the contestants know..great idea! :)


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